what’s the fuss?why did he even bother to reconcile pa?hehe ayaw na ng away? eh di cease fire!hehe madali naman akong kausap eh..

uhm,hell freezes over nga,twice pa..di ko man lang naramdaman un huh.,kagabi pa..hahaha

a friend misinterpret my blog (insane at the moment..bear with me..) im still thinkin if i should defend myself..o cge to be fair na nga.. when i said, i’ve something to ‘fess up..sometimes thoughts and or visions cross my mind..he-begging for my forgiveness..thats the insane part of me..hehe..siguro nga..kylangan tlga magsori minsan..but my rational part says that it won’t happen..well,maybe..when hell freezes over,twice!—i meant naaasar lang ako kase sobrang ‘binalewala ung feelings’ ko,diba? its more of a bruised pride.. but now,its no biggie.,we finally call it quits–meaning tama na..may nagbaba na ng pride and honestly, i felt like something heavy was lifted off of my chest.,

isa pa pala.,namiss ko ung pasaway kong kaibigan or blockmate,dunno what to call her really.,but it was good..

hehe..im not saying this to let people think that im tough,cause i am..=D