does being ‘pakipot’makes you less b*tch than you really are?

haiz.,why make someone wait in vain when in fact you were the one who’s ‘taeng-tae’ to be with this jerk?like be a hard to get gal when you really are not?! what the heck!magpakatotoo naman tayo paminsan minsan..inde masama..

but you really are something huh.,i was taken aback with what i found in..’huwaw!kaya nya pala gawin yun?!’ how cheap huh.,as in super low.,down low.,six feet under?..

such a hypocrite..

now i don’t know who’s pathetic..

all i can say is..goodluck..

*note: chop chop na tong blog na toh eh..hehe medyo mahirap nang intindihin..