once you think of your own happiness selfishly, you’re bound to break relationships..

sometimes you have to learn to let go..to know if you have something to hold on..

love.. is a friendship set on fire..

inde lahat ng pag-aari mo ay sayo,,

‘how long do i have to wait?’.. i think the question you should be asking yourself is., ‘is he worth the wait?’ and even if he is.,there’s no assurance that what you’ve waited for would turn out the way you want it to be..

nagtataka.. simple lang naman sana ang buhay..kung ika’y matino..

loving an imperfect person perfectly., this is what true love means..

its hard to pretend you love someone when you really don’t,but its harder to pretend that you don’t love someone when you really do..

i don’t miss him.. i miss who i thought he was..