i have a confession to make.

I despise my brother. Not that I hate him to that extent. It’s just that he’s being too self-centered and apathetic which I hated he most.

My brother. I have lived my 18 years of existence with him. Before, he was this thoughtful and caring brother he used to. He’s still thoughtful, but caring? Not anymore.

He’s the black sheep in the family. He admits it too (and probably proud of it even). He does what he wants whenever and wherever he wanted to. He had flunk lots of subjects and repeated those too. He had shifted from one course to the other, transferred from one school to the other, probably still enjoying his “campus tour”. Then he got tired of it. Now, he’s a professional, a professional bum.

Last year, he got his girlfriend pregnant. And earlier this year, I have a niece. I thought that when the time comes he’d get to see his first born baby girl, he would change his ways. But no, I should’ve known better.

You know I pity my mother. It’s because she has lived her entire life tolerating…

sorry for the inconvenience!=p