New Year’s Eve.

Usually, my mom would always wear her white and black polka dot drEss on New Year’s eve, saying that it meant prosperity or luck for the whole year to come. And she would always insist my dad to wear something striped or checkerd(tama ba spelling?). But this year, it was different. She wore a red blouse and gray mini skirt.

So, upon me seeing her wearing a different dress got me asking.

me: ma, bat di mo suot “uniform” mu?

ma: *puzzled* anong uniform?

me: ung polka dots mo..

ma: inde, swerte daw ngayon red tsaka gold. *smiles*

me: ah..

after a while i saw her painting her nails gold. she used gold nail polish for french tip instead of the usual white or platinum.

me: huwaw, gumaganon pa si mama!

ma: swerte nga gold tsaka red. maganda ba?

cath: di naman gold yan eh, orange kaya yan.

ma: tanga gold yan. di ba zel?

me: ewan ko. red ba tsaka gold? yes, buti na lang, i have my period i don’t need to wear something red.

cath: bakit?

me: something red comes out from me..nyahaha..

cath: ah..

ma: hahaha

hmmn,come to think of it. it was neither gold nor orange.something in between. but whatever the hell is the color of that, i wish my mom get her luck this year!

*hekhek.,suck on my  blog’s nastiness..nyahaha