haha..i’ve finally came out of my shell..

hekhek..if i could still remember,i told one of my friends na i’ll probably update this site on a monday or a sunday.,but that was eons ago,,wahaha..

o eto na ko ulet..

family day at gio’s..

god,i missed my college barkada..

kaya last thursday,we went to gio’s house at syempre,ehem..mamam na naman..session with the buddies..but this time it was really fun since we haven’t seen each other for quite some time..

anong bago?

kim got her uber cute butterfly tattoo..a real one..guess where it is..hehe

joseph had his hair cut to semi kalbo..again..he looked like a goon..wahehe  peace seat mate!

lhouie just turned eighteen last may20..sa monday na flip flops mu ah?! and the funny thing was her family surprised her with a life-size tarp of her face and tyra bank’s body and labeled it with *dyandararan* america’s next top model DAW!haha..that really gave us a laugh for like five minutes or so..wahaha..

si george?aw,aiun,best in takas pa din nung inuman..

moving on..

ansaya talaga that time,heehee..

we watched a film..tamara..courtesy of dix..tas paranoid na si lhouie at joseph kala mu everytime eh kikilitiin mo..haha

we played 123 pass..tas we were all nervous kase mga abnoy kame..hehe..as in..mga takot mahuli ng paglagay ng kamay..punishment?shot ng punch..

tapos charade..punishment?shot pa rin ng punch..haha ang kulet ng mga acting at reactions pag inde makuha ng teammate ung signs eh..hekhek..

tas si joseph best in video pa ng mga pangyayari..ano kaya un?

ulitin natin un ah?!haha baka sa monday..enrolment un ayt,  pao?

aiun lang naman..

trivia: kim cried when she found out she and gio are not blockmates anymore!*buking

gudluck saten guys..=)