haha.uber late talaga ko magupdate ng multiply..nyak..

ngayon ko lang tuloy makkwento to.

ohkay. so out of nine or ten bebot candidates, five bebots were selected and got to answer such questions from the judges. “such” is the term cause i can’t find a term for it. pardon me if i don’t get some of the questions right. correct me if i’m wrong.so here it goes.

judge:if you are in a situation, how and why?

contestant: blah blah..

*actually,kala ko joke na tanong pa lang yun and the badings(emcees) were just fooling around and doing their adlibs kaya i can’t remember the contestant’s answer.*

judge: if you’re a pimple, what’s your essence?

contestant: *after a millennium* NANA?!

judge: if you were stuck in a washing machine, would you go with the flow?

contestant: no, i will not go with the flow because i am a peculiar and a unique person..blah blah..

*di ko na ulit maalala.basta he’ll not go with the flow!naz, paki-update ito!*

judge: ang lumpo ba ay kayang tumayo para sa kanyang mga karapatan?

contestant: bago po siya tumayo para sa kanyang mga karapatan, kailangan po muna nyang matutong maupo sa upuan.

*wahaha..tama pa ba tong tinatype ko?gio,kim,marvie..help!*

judge: what is the essence of having a pig?

contestant: world peace.thank you..

nyahaha..kaloka yung gabing yon!ang gaganda ng bebots!

congrats naz!XD