ispoiLer: ito ay opinyon ko lang po,at hindi ko kinukwestyon ang desisyon ng kolehiyo sa mga ganitong bagay..peace awt!

i don’t know what’s the deal with our college implementing this stuff (i don’t know if its a program or what) in the middle of our 1st sem in second year last year.

well, they said they (university and college) wanted to give credit to students who give a shit(sorry for the term) more than those didn’ what’s the point of dean’s list?right? you know, like its a challenge for everyone to give their best and be one of the top20 students in the batch. its something they want us to strive and go for.

but, i think it doesn’t make any sense. really.

for one, most students i know think of it as a barrier from students who are in the honors’ class. like, if you’re in it, its either you think you’re superior (i don’t know yet if someone in the class thinks he is)or that you feel you’re stuck in neverland.(where people doesn’t get old-studying..for real). although, i think its a good thing to study hard to become someone someday,i don’t know, i’m not just the type who give so much time studying my lessons. sure, i study during quizzes and major exams,i am not much of a slacker. he he.

and people who are not in it, are quite aloof of those students in the class or jokes around saying like “yabang, honors class ka lang eh”.

since staying in the class is not permanent and there’s no immunity, (every semester some people from other classes got to stay depending upon his or her GWA) other students tend to questioned one’s stay in the class.and i for one, experienced that. but that’s another story.

breaking in the class isn’t really that fun.aside from some dumb ass questioning how the hell i got to be there, i really think it is futile implementing such since each block have different profs. and we all know that profs grade their students differently, need not to elaborate on that.

if only we have the same set of professors in every subject then i think it is the only time that the honors’ class program is serving its real purpose. sure, the grading system is the same but us having different profs handing out different grades is another thing.

i’m also having a bit ‘culture shocked’ of being in it. sure, everyone’s been my classmates already. but i don’t know. i must say that the aura is different. uhm, i’m kinda used of my friends being silly all the time, not that these people doesn’t do crazy things,(melch’s there!) but then again, just like what she had said, “iba pa rin eh”. but of course i’m willing to work that out now since i’m going to spend some time here for god-knows-how-long diba?not to mention the destiny’s child (issa,geh,jovi) is doing a good job making me feel at home,(thanks guys!) since my usual peeps aren’t my block mates.(gaad,i miss you people).

and also, i don’t like grade conscious people(bato-bato sa langit,di po ako nagaaway) and in here, well..i just don’t like it when people like these, are willing to kiss-ass the profs if it meant a flat one for them. and i think it is a sure sign of desperation in order to get plus points for themselves. (note:di ako nagaaway..peace..hehe =P)

and lastly,when you are in it, you’ve got to stay in it. its not really a big deal, i don’t know about others.especially when you hear people giving out opinions or just say something if you got kicked out of it.yes, they do. and its not always good.

but so what right?!

i just hope i’d survive this sem and see the same people in the next semester.

Honor’s Class? if you’re in it, gotta stay in it,. if you’re not, you’ve gotta be in it. well, that’s what some people think. but for me, being in and out of it, isn’t really a BIG deal. finishing school and making it BIG in the REAL world, that’s the DEAL.

HONORS’ CLASS? nah, more likely, just THE class..=)

happy reading.if you are.