do you guys always have a mani-pedi weekly? twice a month? have you ever met someone who changes the color of her nails every 24 hours? well, i did.

i’m just observing my cousin obsessing about her nails. she doesn’t have nails that are TDF, (i have prettier nails than her) but she kept on chenging her nail polish, i wouldn’t be surprised if we ran out of stock.

see, yesterday, she painted them red, the day before that, it was gold, the day bfore that, it was aquamarine, then black. and one day she saw me painting mine in french tip style,but not your usual french tip with white on grown nails, instead i used yellow gold. a few days after, i saw hers the same as mine. jesus! believe me, she is such a nail buff, if ever there is one, i none then i’m coining it for her.

it amazes how she do that, i mean isn’t it tiring ro change polish everyday? i’m the one who’s getting tired of it. i know that its her prerogative to do so, but how many colors that she need to finally get the right one?

i mean, i know, her, being stuck in some god-forsken jungle almost 19 years of her life, she pretty is deprived with all this stuff. but man, does she really have to do that? i’m totally engrossed about it that i really need to share this. i hope she’d still have all her nails sweet and sound after i’m done with this.