for 18 years, i have lived with it. more so, endured it. and no, this isn’t about my faith or religion for that matter.

i woke up,tired and pretty sick of it. no, its not my alarm clock. its not a commotion either. it’s my mother. talking her heart out. nah, shouting, more likely. it has always been like this. her, shouting, to relaese her stress, and me, getting irritated by the minute. people say, you’ll get used to it. but i don’t.

eversince i started studying, not once did my mom kept her mouth shut. first, she’ll wake you up. if you don’t get up in the next five minutes, expect an explosion. things like “bumangon na kayo!”, or “ano ba, lunes na lunes ah” or even “adelbert, catherine, gzel, tanghali na!!!”. so that’s our daily routine, mondays thru saturdays, with the “blah blah mode” every now and then. if you don’t do this, she nags. if you don’t do that, she nags. if she comes home with a dirty home, she nags. if she comes home without any food yet, she tells me why the heck there isn’t any food yet. or if she comes home first and i came in later, she tells me “zel, wala pang ulam”. its as if, i bring the caserole along with me that they’d have to wait for me first.

when i started college, i was so relieved i don’t have a lot of morning class. i could stay in my bed ’til they all go to their bussinesses and i could have a proper and peaceful sleep. but i can’t always have that, can i? my brother’s an idiot to stay in bed longer than five minutes, and as an effect, my mom nags–again– at 5:30 in the morning. jesus christ!

and so i’ve been putting up with it for more than a decade now and i’m getting really frustrated about it. thinking about it makes me so irritated.

last night, i came home late. and surprise of all surprises! my lola (her mom) the nagger of all nags, is there, screaming her heart out for something my cousin did that she didn’t liked. what’s worse is that she just kept repeating her monologue over and over again. it sucks, actually. ha-ha. i guess my mom got it from her. you know, something that runs in the family. but you know what scares me the most? its that i might end up like them. and i really don’t want to. the last thing i need is to be.. ‘that’.

don’t get me wrong. i soo love my mom but sometimes, you just have to say it. its that one thing i hate about her most.thank god, my father can put up with her constantly yakking about stuff ’cause if he can’t, i may not have a real family now.