my cousin, roogie ann, –or whatever the hell’s her name’s spelling– is annoying the hell out of me.

first, she used–and still uses–my mobile phone’s chain without asking my permission, to think that i spent thirty minutes of my time looking for that damned chain i wanted to use, then i saw it on her phone.gaad, i want to strangle her. then just this morning, i noticed that she’s wearing a pair of my earrings and my slip ons, again, without even telling me. i mean, i would let her use all of those things if she would at least tell me diba? ako yung may-ari!!

and the next thing i knew, my nails are as red as hers.(mine’s better of course!) and the last for this day, she “borrowed” my sneakers–well, technically, ’cause we now know she doesn’t care much about me, right? long will i have to put up with her rudeness and all?and i also think she does what i do..ano siya,clone?!i’m no fashion icon for goodness’ sake!

thank god, we don’t have the same body type for she might’ve start wearing my clothes before i know it. ut of course that’s waay,,waay beyond my limit.and i am so gonna be mean if that ever happens.

i’m actually waiting. waiting for her to tell me all the things that she borrowed and waiting for the right moment to do what i need to do. i’m still planning and weighing things out. my mom might meddle you know, she was the one who told her to stay with us in the first place.

and what really pisses me off is that she has the gall to have chitchat with me even if i show her the i-don’t-care-whatever-it-is-your-talking-about-look and she doesn’t even know it.

i am so annoyed right now i want to rip all her clothes.haha. don’t she ever be mean to me cause she doesn’t know me.i’m “trained”, if you know what i’m talking about.if she thinks i’m succumbing to her, she might as well think again.

i so hate her..

i’m going to update this blog sooner..hihi..

ciao for now!