random thoughts..

i have ten more film reviews to write..

an environment article to write..

critic a play..

and critic the president’s SONA..

and here’s what i’ve to say..

kasinungalingan,kalokohan,kahirapan,ilabas niya ng katotohanan.

nyak..i forgot..700-800 words pala..

articles..articles..at articles..need i say more?


my sister is a spoiler.

she told me who won in this season’s antm.i didn’t even ask her to tell me.ugh! that really sucked. there’s no thrill anymore.and in every single episode she’d have to tell who’s going to be eliminated..jeez!

i told her not to tell me. i just hope she won’t tell me that jaeda’s going to be the seventh girl to go home..cause i already knew.*ding!

spoiler din pala!




you guys remember roogie ann?

last night was really fun!

we were watching impostora(oh-kay,so that’s my kabaduyan..hihi) and my mom wasn’t able to understand what alfred vargas said about vanessa(sunshine dizon) to lara(iza calzado).

mama: ano daw?

i wasn’t really up for the question so i kept quiet.my cousin eagerly answered instead.

her:”nanunulot daw ng bra”

i was like..what the?

me: nanunulot daw ng project!

nyak!i mean,what was that all about? if you didn’t know what has been said then don’t say anything..wahehe..and besides,dizon’s character was really rich!sophisticated!glamorous! and she would have to sulot a bra?what was she thinking anyway?or was she?

well,she wasn’t..butshe did gave me a thing to blog about..

*have you noticed?pinapasikat ko ang pinsan ko!weeh..*



thank god there’d be no classes tomorrow.i am not thinking staight right now.not in the mood to critic a play.and i don’t want to force myself and write ‘blah’ in my critic paper.i want to write a decent one.

i hope that at one am today, i would be able to write about any of the stuff above.

i’m drained.physically and mentally..