Lucky are those who can keep their thoughts floating in their mind. Even luckier cause they are safe from other people’s judgement and critic’s eyes. Lucky are them cause their thoughts keep silent while they’re asleep. They bury them in the past, as if it was just a part of yesterday’s dream; never to revisit, never to think again.

But there are these people who are haunted by their thoughts, never to let them sleep at night. That is why we write to let this thoughts flow into a paper and start their journey there. As you write, peoplewill judge you; your talent and your entirety, and you will do the same to yourself. Suddenly all your fears and weakness came rushing down to you, and they will try to crush you and beat you into a pulp. But you can’t run away; there’s no stopping and turning back. In writing you have to face your own demons, battle with other thoughts
in your head as you try to be a better person today than you are yesterday. And as we send this thoughts to their resting place, we must endure the judgement of the readers and critiques. Writing is like a disease that can’t be cured. When an idea visit you, your once peaceful mind will be disturbed. But what do you get in return? Whatever is left on your sanity is the prize for letting it in. But more than that, you get to know yourself even more and you’ll realize
that your a better person now than before.

I guess we are even luckier than those who keep their thoughts in the folds of their brains. Because we can turn them into a voice that could start a melody and make the world sing with us. That is why I write, that is why we write; to let this voice be heard by everyone.


–i totally agree.. that’s why i keep on writing. even though it seems senseless at a lot of times..hehe =)