Seven years ago, they broke our hearts when they decided to disband. It felt like somebody just hit the stop button and the music stopped.

Flashforward to seven years, seven months later. The date is set. The much awaited final set came one Saturday evening, seventh of March, 2009. I marked my calendar. And I was there, a part of music history.


a little too early for the concert

Being at the SM Mall of Asia to watch the “Beatles of the Philippines” perform one last time as a group felt surreal. It was my first time at MOA, and my first, and probably the last to watch the Eraserheads perform live. Everyone thought that it wouldn’t happen again, but it did. And it felt so great knowing you’re part of history unfolding.

Hours before the concert, the excitement, rush, mush, and as the E-heads-t-shirt-wearing-people crowd the place everyone’s emotions were heightened.

The momentous event has finally come. It started at 8:30 pm with the alphabet countdown in reverse until it stopped at ‘E’, and the band opening it with one of their monstrous hit, ‘Magasin’, with the crowd singing along at the background. More songs were sang which included ‘Walang Nagbago’, ‘Maling Akala’, ‘Poor Man’s Grave’, and ‘Maskara’among others.

Buendia awkwardly tried his best to converse with the audience every now and then, as he is the silent-type among the four. What may probably be considered to be better on the second installment is the camaraderie between the four seemed to be reunited: Ely, Raimund, Buddy and Marcus are more comfortable and casual with each other, as opposed to the first reunion gig where everyone was doing it just for the sake of getting it over and done with. But now, they actually had fun.

Arrangements of their songs were tastefully done which left the audience ‘naming that tune’ to almost every single hit they performed. Amazing arrangements were done to Overdrive, Maling Akala, and a more melodramatic approach to ‘Alapaap’ and my favorite, a reggae touch to ‘Wag Mo Nang Itanong’ sang by Adoro to the delight of the audience. Marasigan also sang some of their hits and even told the audience to jump. And yes, I literally felt the earth shook, and we’re at MOA! Jazz Nicholas, of Itchyworms jammed with the band in some songs and regarded himself as the fifth member, the ‘Extra-head’.

eraserheads reunion concert

the stage is set. how far we are from the stage.

After the 26-minute break, the band went back on-stage in a cozy set up. Buendia was sitting on a couch and the band seem to be in a more relaxed mood, just doing their session playing acoustics of ‘Pare Ko’, ‘Fine Time’, ‘Tikman’, among others. It could be noticed that they are having some few relaxed moments, maybe for Buendia to watch out for his health, we know what happened to the first gig. Even the audience were shouting “Wag kang susunod Ely!” referring to his dear friend Magalona who just recently passed away.

After the second set, Buendia shouted “and we are the Eraserheads, thank you!”. Of course, the crowd didn’t believe him.

Few minutes later, they’re back on-stage, sang few more hits and they intro with the very familiar ‘Superproxy’, in memory of the late great and close friend of the band, Francis Magalona who should’ve been a guest surprise had he not died. Led by Buendia, the crowd started chanting Francis’ name, and the band sang the chorus of Magalona’s hit, ‘Kaleidoscope World’, followed by the band’s biggest hit, ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’.


Ely playing the piano (pic courtesy of Saab Magalona)

All great things come to an end. When Buendia said “eto na ang huling El Bimbo” at the final chorus of the song, the crowd sang one last time with the band, and simultaneously as if the heavens celebrated with the band, fireworks lit up the sky while Buendia lit the ‘Sticker Happy’ piano, and played it for a while. And that was really overwhelming, and you just want to capture that moment. And that was it, the bittersweet ending of the band that gave us greatest hits immortalized by their fans, the band that will live on, and the band that we all love, the Eraserheads.

Or so we thought. Just when the crowd is ushered to the exits and most of us are already out, the four came back asking the crowd, “Gusto niyo pa?!” And sang unrehearsed versions of ‘Ligaya’, ‘Sembreak’ and ‘Toyang’, with the audience still at awe and ecstatic about what just transpired.

The music was great, the 27 songs still kept playing on my head, the crowd was ecstatic, and the band had fun. It was perfect, it felt surreal, touching, overwhelming, and almost felt like were on ‘alapaap’. It was every Eraserheads’ fan dream come true, ‘matindi pa sa tama ng alkohol o drugs ang lasting effect’. It was something unforgettable, something I would want to share to everyone. And you know, you missed half your life if you weren’t there, because there might be no third concert at all. It’s okay to miss the first one, but shame on you if you miss the second one.


I don’t know who should I  credit for this.

haha. this review’s kinda biased.
but what the hell.
sabi nga ni jb, “kung makapag-‘my way’ ka dyan ha!
well, its a personal joke so..

love love the was fantastic! at naggroup hug sila!haha