So I finally had the time to finish the last installment of The Godfather series, and Al Pacino was really superb. Although, my favorite is still the second one. I was doing practically nothing. Haha. Then I slept at 3:30 am, woke up at 7am, went to Makati for my second interview, got wet. I don’t have an umbrella, my sister still owes me one, and I was praying the whole time, “wag naman sana umulan for two hours lang.” But my prayer wasn’t answered, and I got wet, I looked like a “basang-sisiw” who wore her business attire just to get wet. Hahaha. Afterwards, I re-read MacArthur, for the nth time, slept again, woke up and popped bubble wraps after dinner. Oh, I OC’d and kept on popping until every single circle has no air in them. Hahaha.

How’s this for an unproductive day? Hmm… Ano naman kaya ang gagawin ko bukas?