Nope. It’s not what you’re thinking, masyadong madumi pag-iisip mo. Haha. It’s Adelbert’s first time getting drunk, all woozy, and kept on blabbing about nothing. Haha. It was really funny at the start, but when he started to roam the entire bed cause he can’t sleep, it became irritating. But it’s okay, it was his fifteenth birthday. Happy birthday, bro!



This might be his happiest birthday to date. Before, okay lang na kakain kami sa labas to celebrate or Mama would just give him money and buy himself something pretty. haha. ack. Parang girlie. Anyhoo, this year, he asked Mama to throw a simple party. He celebrated it with his friends from school, we bought pizzas and spaghetti and cake. I was supposed to cook everything for his birthday, kaya lang, anong petsa na hindi pa pumapasok yung pera sa ATM, so bumili na lang kami when Mama got home early from work. I was agitated na kasi, I kept coming back to the machine every three hours since 8am.



He and his friends then had their first bingeing session at home, they were so loud. Kakaiba ikot ng tagay, kung sino tatapatan ng bote. Haha. (Hey, let’s do this some time!) Ang baduy nga lang kasi cheer sila ng cheer sa iinom, and take note, sa bawat iinom. Ang labo diba? At ang babaw. Hahaha

So for our birthday boy, errand boy, nomad (walang kwarto, nakikitulog), late-bloomer, playboy, DOTA boy, pinagseselosan ni Catherine dahil mas mahal daw ni Mama, kinaiinisan ko paminsan dahil halos walang alam sa gawaing bahay, Kuya Albert’s look-alike but much, much good-looking, our ‘Be’, matalinong tamad, my bedmate (aargh!), the text addict, the cutest bunso, the lovable tito, mukhang yemay, Happy Birthday, Baby, err, Bunso, err, Adelbert.

You know we love you.