I don’t remember whose idea was it. I mean, the very first reunion. It was Anna’s, if I’m not mistaken. We had such a good time, but only few people attended that we wanted another one. A more planned one, that more people would be there. Fritz set the date, and it roamed all over Facebook threads for quite some time. Suggestions and confirmations were made. And a lot of people got really excited. I, for one, was one of them. πŸ™‚

Thank God for Krischel, for being the party planner that she is, haha, I mean, almost 30 people said that they will come that we didn’t know were to do it. fastfood restos, malls, houses were offered but nothing seem to be the perfect place. Until Krischel thought “Hotel kaya?” And I was like, “Kaya ba natin yun? Parang di feasible e.” But as we always, always say, “Kung gusto, may paraan,” and everyone wanted to meet everyone again, and Krischel was able to find this cute little mind-boggling hotel near Gateway.

Haha. We meet up at around five, although some few were already there at around three, I think. talk about miscommunication and miscalculation. Haha. Anyhoo, Krischel, Shigela, Lizette, Ronalyn, Kaye, Ella, Anna and I were the first ones in the hotel. The funny thing was, the cab driver was a bit cranky telling us, “e hindi ko nga rin alam yun e,” when we told him that “dun lang po sa may kanto ng New York at St. Mary street.” Eff. Manong Driver was so mean when he saw the hotel, and told us, “Sana sinabi niyo motel,” Bwisit. Bwisit siya. Pasalamat siya, I was in a giddy mood, kung hindi, makakatikim siya. Thankfully, Lizette told him, “Di kaya, ayan nga o, nakasulat “HOTEL.” In your face ka, Manong. Bleh! πŸ˜›


Room 419. Hindi malamig. The air conditioner seem to not work. Or we were just tooooo many, and tooooo noisy that we overpowered its capacity. Haha. And the room smelled of too much chlorine. It felt like, there was a swimming pool inside. Hehehe. It was an okay room, and the bed has bloodstain on it. Haha. LOL. Turned out, Manong Driver was right after all, I told the people around me, “yuck, may devirginize pa yata rito.” Hahaha.

Everyone started to come. One by one, in groups, I don’t know how many are we exactly, but O think it was too many that I wasn’t able to talk to a lot of people, medyo lang. Haha.

I’ll try remembering everyone and put on what I’ve learned from them.

Krischel was the official organizer, manager (bagong sweldo), and now works at the Congress under Butil Partylist. Naks, si Bakla, kurap na rin. Hehe. Peace!

Lizette, was with Krischel the entire time, talked to almost no one, but very much eager to go to the reunion. Weird. She kinda had selective amnesia as she remembers only being classmates with Ate Joann, Lucia and Norman (?). She was chubby when I remembered her, but she’s skinny now, and pretty, still.

Kaye,or Maricar, as I call her, is now a registered nurse, kudos! And brought chips for pulutan. Haha.

Ronalyn traded her eyeglasses for contacts, and grew up beautifully. Haha. Kahit sinabi niyang hindi siya nag-transform, she did. Haha.

Shigela, I can’t remember her, but she at least tried to communicate and had chismax session with us. haha.

Ella is still with Adrian for the longest time, at rumaraket-raket sa kung saan-saan. Hahaha.

Anna, is still a student, gained a few pounds, hahaha, and is still one of the closest elementary friend to me, along with Ella. Haha.

Chinky now works at a bank, and is still being pursued by Fritz, turns red (mestizo raw kasi) when he drinks. Haha.

Gennie, one of my old friends, aside from my barkada, works at Thomson Reuters as a research analyst. Cool, cool job. Haha. Ang you just love her long legs. Haha.

Raiza, woot. I had too much fun with Raiza, had the most kwentos to tell. Ang kulit pa rin, and still lives away from Manila. Haha. And still has her curly hair.

Alyssa and Monica, who I can’t remember was there, too even if they didn’t confirmed that they will be there. Mga gimikerang bakla. Haha. πŸ™‚

Dani and Lottie are still Dani and Lottie. Haha. Dani just became more manly, and Lottie, wala naman talagang nagbago. Haha.

Lowilyn still can command the room, has her war freak tendencies, at ang galing mamilit sa mga umiinom, Best tanggera ever!

CamBalt is now a LADY. Haha. People change, as she says. Haha. And, she’s top 17 at the Nursing Board. Whoa! Big time! :))

Trixie, Bellatrix. Haha. She still had the energy That I can’t keep up with. I kept telling her, “Teka lang, napapgod na ko,ang kulit mo.”, when all we did was to basically talk and goof around.

Norman has the biggest physical transformation ever. Haha. From being the bouncy baby, he grew up not entirely hunky, but skinny. Haha. MAs pleasing tignan. But still so, so makulit.

K-Ann didn’t change. Haha. Di pa rin girly, but at the end of the night, we talked about a lot. Haha. Considering that there were times during our elementary days that she just annoys the hell out of me. But she didn’t know that. And now she does. Ahaha.

JM came with a couple friends. And I didn’t got the logic. Haha. Kasi mao-OP naman talaga sila, we didn’t know them. I mean, it was totally okay, I don’t mind actually, but its kinda weird. we just, don’t know them And its the elementary reunion. Well, at least Lowilyn talked and entertained them. πŸ™‚ Oh, JM is also a registered nurse, nagulat pa ko. Di ko akalaing mag-nunurse siya. Ayos, kasi, I remember him as the classmate who always came in late kahit walking distance lang ang bahay niya. Hahaha.

Ate Joann? Ate Joann just had long hair. Haha. And got this teeny voice, that does not suit her. Hahaha.

Woot. Ang dami. This post is getting longer than I imagined it to be.

Anyhoo, we bought Chickenjoy, chips, drinks at syempre, alak. Haha.

We drank Sprite-Vodka, Royal-Vodka, Coke-Vodka, Lipton-Vodka (me likey!), Lipton-Gilbeys (na nagbigay-tama sakin). Hahaha. Ayos, sa mga kumbinasyon. Malupit pa sa bar sa dami ng choices.

Trixie got drunk, I think, because she bit my foot. And normal people don’t do that. Haha. Gennie, was I think, shocked by the act. Hahahaha.

Funny, funny thing happened. Nabuksan ko yung washroom when JM was taking a piss. Nakakatawang nakakabad trip kasi di ko pa siya nababati nun. Ayos sa welcome after long years of not seeing each other, nakatalikod na umiihi. Kainis si Norman and JM’s friends. Di man lang sinabing may tao sa loob, at etong JM, hello? Uso na ang lock. Okay lang naman, pero napakagandang pagbati nun. Hahahaha.

Then the guys decide to play spin the bottle, and everyone was asking questions, trying to get re-acquainted and all. Ayos naman. Then more talking. More chitchats. More laughs. More funny stories. More revelations, and memories poured. Hahaha. But almost everyone left at around three am.

Eight people remained. I was so glad I was one of them. Ella and Anna convinced me to text my parents to tell na overnight na lang ako. Crap. Parang high school pa rin. Haha. The magic word? Ella and Anna. Ayun, pinayagan na rin ako. Hahaha Even Raiza, and K-Ann, napa-overnight na rin. LOL at K-Ann, mapapagalitan pag-uwi. Hahaha.

We talked about almost nothing and everything til 6am, from former classmates, intrigues, funny stories, scary St. Rita stories, elementary bloopers. Haha. We slept for an hour, and used Fritz’ butt as my pillow. Haha.

Morning after. We went to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Mapilit ang bagong sweldong si Krischel. Haha. Tas yun, we went home na rin mga around ten.

Sayang lang dun sa mga hindi nakapunta. Baka matagalan bago ulit maulit to. And I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say, yeah, you did miss something in your life. Well, that’s unless, meeting elementary friends does not count as a worth it remembering event for you. πŸ™‚

I was so flushed. Dehydrated, sleep-deprived, tired, haggard, icky, food-deprived and all. But hey, I was HAPPY. Elated even. :))

Thanks, you guys, eight years, and you still rock my world. I didn’t knew that before last night. Thanks for making me remember the good times.


Thanks to:

Anna and K-Ann for the photos.
Facebook for bringing us all together. Ahaha.
Krischel, for shouldering the hotel payment. πŸ™‚
And everyone for coming.