I figure that since in a few days I’m turning a year older, I’ve probably completed at least a quarter of my life’s existence, well, considering that almost everyone dies at a very young age compared to the people before, what with the pollution and cancer and whatnot we live in today. I’m hoping that I’d live up until I’d see my grandchildren, or just see the Philippines having a little hope to having the prosperity it deserve.

I’m also banking on the saying that “masamang damo, matagal mamatay” thing, and since a lot of people think that I’m not a truly truly good person, I’m hoping I’d live long enough, or just enough for me to just feel that I do not regret anything that I didn’t do.

But just in case, I’ve made a list of the things I so wanted to experience before He take me.

..go skinny dipping
write a friend’s obituary (anyone? haha)
go to a gaybar
have a looong talk with a stranger
win a 3km marathon
shout for no reason
shout ‘holdap to!’ in a jeepney then say, ‘joke lang’.
become a war correspondent
utter the words, “you’re fired!” and “I resign!”
tell someone what an asshole he is
give the sweetest wedding vow
bathe in the rain
bake the meanest chocolate mousse
sing at a concert
bitch-slap someone i loathe
finish off an entire pint of mango-flavored ice cream in one sitting
forgive someone
watch the sunset
have a long walk on the beach
tell my parents I love them
thank my siblings
write a book
give all my celebrity crushes a peck on the cheek
win a Palanca award
get forgiveness
see Bob Ong in person
break someone’s heart
get heartbroken
heal a broken heart
love again
visit a mental institution
throw a bridal shower
receive a homemade mother’s day card
have a nude pregnant photo of myself
see my byline on PDI
work at a magazine publication
travel abroad
shop ’til I drop
unlearn things
have a full body massage
see a falling star
laugh like there’s no tomorrow
win in a game show
love unconditionally
do something idiotic
meet my “Noah Calhoun”
see a wedding gone wrong

Or you know, just LIVE.

I’m still thinking of other things I wanted to put on my list. Hehe. But you know, if I would be able to do a half of all of these things I’ve listed, I would be forever grateful then. I’ve crossed off of my list watching an Eheads concert live, ’cause I already did! Haha. Now that’s one thing, right?

I’ll be a year older in a matter of days, sheesh, haha. Thank you, Lord, though. Haha.