I thought it would all be Booze! Booze! Booze!

But no, on the nineteenth, I went to Megamall for the I-Witness Seminar. Read on the previous post for deets, if you want.

On the twentieth, I went to Club Serve with Mama, Papa, Ate Vane, Cat and Adelbert. Yep, you read it right. It was kind of a family event thing. Haha. It was supposed to be another girls’ night out with Mama Cat and Ate Vane, but it turned ut to be a family day, haha. it was fun though. Adelbert even won in a dance contest and won free iced tea courtesy of the band’s singer. LOL. I will be posting his coming out, soon. Haha. We had so much fun, we went hme around four a.m. Papa was shaking his booty. Hahahaha. Ate Vane was the Energizer Bunny. Damn, she never lost her energy all through the night. Hahaha. Whose family’s the coolest? Yep, my hand are a foot higher than everyone else’s. Haha

And on the twenty-first, my real birthday, I celebrated it with my high school barkada. Booze and videoke, plus kwentuhan with the gang. Kaka-miss. I was just kind of pissed, cause we never get “complete attendance” in every get-together. And, yes, Kei, you annoyed me last night when you didn’t showed up after promising me days ago that you would. Haha. You’re still my hunny though. πŸ˜€ And Maris, woot. Nakita rin kita after a long while. Haha. I missed you, betch. πŸ˜›

The fun thing was that, I realized that I am old. Even though I’d say that age is just a number blah. I am old. For so many reasons I don;t wanna bre you with, I feel old. I remembered celebrating birthdays with the gang. We had it at Shakey’s, watching that Harry Potter movie, spending it over at Khei’s with her mom’s dishes, then we attended everyone’s debut parties, and now, were celebrating it by drinking. And only adults do that. Oh, crap. We really are all adults now. But hey, the good thing is, we’re still celebrating parties together, that’s the whole point, right? Now, I’m just getting plain cheese. Parmesan. Haha.

And on November, were going to have a baby! Sool, we’re grown ups! Hahaha. Shoul I be happy? Hehe. πŸ˜›

Much thanks to all the people who have remembered that on the twenty-first of September, Marcos declared Martial Law, that the song September had lyrics that goes, “Do you remember, the twenty-first of September”,Β  and for remembering that Carmina Giezzelle Gonzales-Mones was born on that day, and that you are reading this post now. Haha.

Much thanks too, to the people who waited for twelve midnight just to greet me. First five people are: Lawrence, Anna, Jet, Paolo and RJ. πŸ˜› Siyempre sa lahat ng nakaalala, salamat. Pati yung mga hindi ko ineexpect na magmemessage para bumati. Lalo na sa Tito ko sa Thailand, tinext pa ko, na-tats ako ng bongga. Thanks, Tito.Β  At sa nasa taas, dun o, sa Taas. Hehe. Salamat, dalawang dekada at isang taon? Anong kabutihan ang ginawa ko para pagkalooban mo ako ng ganun? Isa na lang. Lord. Alam mo na yun, nag-usap na tayo diba. Hehehe.

I heart you, all. You made me happy. πŸ˜€

And so my birthday spelled long weekend, fun learning activity, family, friends, contentment, gratefulness and lalove. It all summed up to H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S. πŸ˜€