See I just had the worst Monday morning ever. I woke up, tired from having I dunno, I did have a good night’s sleep, like what they always say, I probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But I always sleep on the same side, so woes it make sense at all? Probably because of the fact that its Monday again, gaad, I hate Mondays, Fridays, I love.

Anyhoo, work’s pretty much the same except for the fact that my boss is a little grumpy today, I dunno why, maybe he also woke up on the wrong side of the bed, eh? So blah blah blah, its the first time in my almost two month stay in the company that I went home with four of my office mates, I wasn’t really going to, but Kuya Marlon insisted that I should go with them and all.

So we were riding this really long trip, like we’re really palipat-lipat na ng jeepney rides and trike rides, so nakakapagod talaga and my feet hurts like hell na, when Kuya Marlon accidentally commented on my being maarte. Am I really maarte, like Ruffa? Haha. LOL.

I can’t go on speaking that way, kills my ears, and makes my nose bleed. Hahaha. So anyway, he told me that and I was a bit surprised, his exact words were actually, “A, kaya pala maarte ka rin. Mana-mana lang”, referring t my mom and my sister, it runs in the blood. I dunno what my reaction was, but I was laughing when he commented, “Hindi joke lang, medyo lang”. I was like, “Oo, maarte naman talaga ko.” So whatever, right? But the thing is, I was really trying hard not to show my ‘kaartehan’ side to them, but when you are, you are, I can’t help it if I really am. I am a girl, I have every right to be maarte, maybe my kaartehan level is just above the normal level of kaartehan compared to other girls. I just hate it that he judged me based on my almost two-month stay in the office. Maybe because I don’t talk to them as much as the other people do, or that I sometimes dress up more than I should, but I bet they’re just used to seeing the ‘manang dresscode’ for women. I can’t help it if I am a girly-girl. Surely, he hasn’t seen me in my ‘koboy’ days, that I still do have up until now.

I’m just glad that nobody except, well, my Marketing family, especially Ate Kat and Kuya Eugene have noticed the inner maldita that I possess. Hehe. Do they really want me to let them know what I think to every single person in the company? I bet not, God knows I tried hard to not even think about it. And they should try hard not to provoke me. ‘Cause if they really want, I could show it and blew my evaluation. Hehe. Sue me.

Now, I wanted to have a shirt that says “Arte-sta Ako. So what?” Hehe.