I was not supposed to make a blog at this very hour, but just like what my sister have said so a million times already, you can’t tell a writer to not write. The ideas would all go away in a split-second, and it will never come back.

So I am writing.

See, I was just supposed to check my accounts, comment on posts, check my e-mails and all. I’m not in the writing mood lately, until I saw Issa’s invitation for her new and exclusive Multiply account and read her writings again. I don’t know, reading Issa’s blogs made me realized how much I miss these people. It was like using Dumbledore’s pensieve and seeing myself chatting with Issa the way we did every single day a few months back.

I realized how much I so miss my college life, my friends, all the work and presentations, even the professors I hate. Sad. Its just that, I don’t see them as often I did, duh?, and when we do, its like, we always, always have to reschedule, and reshedule and reschedule it became dragging, then we’d have to reschedule again. The last time I saw these people (Issa, Ghe, Cha, Jovi) was like eons ago. I could not remember it anymore. Cha wasn’t even there. I wish I could go back. Especially when I saw pictures of us from our college days, it was like, a million years ago. Now I do realized what that guy from the movie said, “High school is fun. Stay as long as you can.” Only, college is fun, I can’t stay longer than I have to, all I can do is have fun while its there, gather memories like you have a super big gutom, have a lot of friends or get few REAL friends, and have fun with these guys just like what I did. But now, everything’s a blur. Its a bit sad that when we have the time to talk, we talk like adults already. :((

My initial thoughts when I got in in the honors’ class was that I hated it. Now I’m thankful, for I met these four ladies who keep me company in my five semesters at PLM. Oh, I forgot Patty, my PLM buddy since first sem at PLM. I miss you too, girl. The bullying sessions, senseless and sensible chats we had, PE classes. Waah. I super miss you. You’re probably the only person who knew everything I’ve went through in college. And I’m thankful that you never grew tired listening. And byjust being there. 🙂

You girl pals, are the best! 😛

Gaad. Even PLM’s scent, I miss. Could you imagine, PLMayers, if you close your eyes, and just get a whiff of that smell, I don’t know what smell, and that certain kind of ‘feel’, you know you’re home.

Now I’m sweating cheese.