Alam mo yung pag wala kang magawa tapos naisip mong i-type yung name mo sa search bar, for kicks lang? Wala lang, bored ka e. I did that some thirty minutes ago. Una lumabas Friendster profile, Facebook, Multiply, then other “Carmina” and “Mones” yung sumunod.

I clicked the next button, and then I read the word, “Game show” and my name with Inquirer, I was like, “Whoa! Totoo ba to? Napublish na yung ginawa ko? Weh?” Hahaha. LOL.

I was so happy, elated even. Happy na Christmas ko! Haha. The article’s the one I posted here at Multiply, “Nung Sumali Ako ng Gameshow”.

But here it is at PDI’s site –> 

Thing is, being published over at PDI is one of my life’s to do list, and ayun, nangyari na. Haha. Another one down.

Ultimately, I’m so thankful for this year. Sooobrang dami kong na-accomplish sa buhay ko. 2009 is my year.

First, we were able to pass our thesis. Given na ang bibigat ng panelists namin. Hello, Sir Roel, Ma’am Yo?

Second, I was able to graduate without any hassle. 😀

Third, I was able to land a job without me looking for it. Ha-ha. :))

Fourth, I was able to become a part of I-Witness’ 80 participants for the docu-seminar. 😀

Fifth, I’m on my new job. And before the new year ends, my article’s on Youngblood na!

Plus the fact that I’ve got great friends, gained new insights, have some few bucks under my name, and my family’s still intact. So truly thankful for this year. Thank you, Lord. Good job!

Hehe. So thankful for all the blessings He showered upon me this year. Thankful for the gift of being able to write… stuff. Haha. Since most of these accomplishments I’ve done through writing. :))

This year’s a blast.