Sumasakit puso ko. Literally. Namali ata ako ng galaw at naipitan ako ng ugat, nahihirapan ako huminga ng malalim, at parang may tinatamaan sa puso ko. Pinipilipit. But I think, this is so much better since doctors could easily tell what the fuck is broken with me. Medicines could easily take away the pain. Drugs could very well sedate me in a matter of seconds.

Unlike the other way around, where you can’t eat, you can’t sleep and blank spells is as frequent as tears streaming down your face. And nobody can really tell what the hell is happening to you, except that, well, you’re broken. Everything is a different case for every other person so no one can really tell how you feel exactly. Even you.

No medications, no pain killers, no anesthesia, not even an explanation. No nothing.

No, I’m not brokenhearted. I actually forgot how it felt to be broken. Yay me! But what’s the whole point really? Everyday is a routine. I’m practically a zombie. I’m waiting to be broken. Haha. LOL. Brokenhearted people now want to kill me. lol.

I’m. Just.Bored.

Sorry for wasting your five minutes. This is pure mindless thoughts.