Three, four months ago, I was searching the net looking for the best cover letter I could pattern my own on. Today, I’m looking for the most humble and perfect resignation letter I could pattern my own resignation letter.

Yep, you’ve read it right. I am resigning.

Weird? Nah, not really. Tomorrow, I will be making the big leap. I’m handing my resignation letter to the company that trusted me, and still continue to trust me. And I am breaking off that promise.

This would probably be the hardest thing I’d ever do, yet. This is much, much harder than a breakup. Especially because, in my case, I’ve learn to love the people at Progear. Ate Kat, Kuya Eugene, Kuya Jovel, Ate Neth, I would truly miss them.

But I have to do this, its a career move on my part. Especially now that I am beginning to get bored on my job. These people I’ve mentioned, kept me going for the past three months and seventeen days.

Funny, today was like a whirlwind career move on my part. See, I texted my superior and Ate Kat, my partner, that I would not be going to work apparently because I’m having LBM.

And yes, I was having LBM today. Looking for Better Management as Ate Kat puts it.

I went to Ortigas, got interviewed and the next thing I knew, I was having my almost orientation at around 5pm, Tita Baby is already telling me that I’m starting on Monday and my salary’s blah blah blah and here’s what I’ve to blah blah blah. Whoa! I almost shouted, “Rewind. Slow motion. Stop.” But no, it didn’t happen. So here I am. Typing. You’re probably thinking that this post is all over, mainly because, my brain’s all over the place, too.

Yesterday, I was working at Makati. Tomorrow, I’m getting all my things, hand over my resignation letter, bid goodbye to my new-found friends and leave Progear.

Gaad, I hate this feeling. That’s why I was trying to not get too attached to these people. But I can’t help it. It was good while it lasted. The good thing though, is I would stop weaving white lies for the clients, I would stop getting annoyed with my supervisor’s whims, and I would stop thinking to myself “This is not what I’m supposed to do. I could do more than this.” And I do hope that I am. I am actually positive that I’m getting nearer to what I really want to do.

So that’s it. No more explanations. I’m like an ingrate. I would miss the Christmas party. And the pares day on Saturdays, and chitchats about how we loathe our boss, and my thirteen-month pay. Gaad. I AM an ingrate.