Monday. I gave my resignation letter to the HR Manager. She refused. My boss’ jaw dropped, talked to me, and told me “Good luck”. But I’ve to stay for a month.

Tuesday. I refused to stay for a month. I did not go to back to my old work. Off to my new work at Ortigas.

Wednesday. I was served by a cute crew over at Greenwich. Nice butt. I realized that I now fetish guys with nice, firm butts. I did realized, too, that I still like this guy. Damn. Talk about being pathetic for the longest time. Heypi Birthday Vic!

Thursday, Friday. So-so day. Work. Work. Work.

Saturday. Happy Fiesta! Haha. I hosted the SK Council’s “Goove It to the Music” dance contest along with Rain, my new officemate. And it ended around 5am for so many setbacks I’ll blog about when I’ve the time. It kinda was my coming out to the barangay since I’m known as the other Mones kid, yung kapatid ni SK, yung mataray na suplada, yung kamukha ni Ate Cat (my sister). Haha. This was bacause I seldom go out and mingle with the neighborhood. Hahaha. LOL.

Sunday. I’m dozing off. Still. I made gelatin for dessert. And craved spaghetti. Why the hell nobody cooked spaghetti this fiesta? I’m blogging. And blogging nonsensical things. Hahaha.