Wait. I just have to get this out of my chest. It’s eating me whole and I can’t seem to work properly.

Today, I opened my Yahoo! Mail just to check on my account, nothing really special, I’m not waiting for some e-mail I need or so want to receive. But what do you know? Today, I got a PM from ksearchasia, its like Jobstreet, and they handle the account of Thomson Reuters, I believe, and they look for possible employees for companies. You know the drill.

So Kristine, from ksearch added me on Facebook and told me that I passed the assessment and if I could give her my updated CV because I didn’t gave her any before. These were the times were I was filing half days in my first job because of the interviews and endless and tiring exams.

Well, you’re too late, Kristine. Reuters is too late for me. I’ve already started on my new job and even though I’ve been eyeing that job for the longest time, I can’t do it now. It would all be chaotic and I’m just starting to put my life together, after my running away from Progear. Hahaha.

Anyhoo, I’d just have to deal with the fact that I have to let it go. That I cannot, you know, somehow brag, that I am working at an international company. Ha-ha. LOL. Or that I am letting pass a P20k plus of salary a month, or that I’m missing on a lot of cute guys (they’re aplenty during my interviews and exams). Haha. Its just not for me.

But at least, I can say “pinalampas ko kaya yung sa Reuters, hahaha.” Pucha. Ang yabang diba? Hehe. Or you know, that lots of Lasalistas and feeling socialites are working there. Haha. And I do not want to get immersed with those kind of people. LOL. Talk about being judgmental. Akala mo naman tanggap na ko. But I only need to pass the final interview, and I know in my heart that I will.

Oh well, its not mine for the taking, maybe on the third try, I would be able to work there. Or not. Plus Next Step (my new company) has a lot in store in 2010. I’m wishing… Oh well, I can’t say it yet, I might jinxed it. Hahaha.

Now back to work.

I’m feeling a lot less regretful now. 🙂