My first dated entry! Today was so-so. But I don’t have anything to blog about so.. haha

Spend Young Blood Money.

Sorry, dear Sarah. I spent the Php900 already. Haha. When I told Tita Baby, our accounting officer that I’ll be getting money out of my article, she suggested that I should spend it on somethng I’d remember Young Blood by. And what’s more apt than to buy that coveted Young Blood book 1? And four other books. I bought the other four by bargain hunting! All under Php250. How cool is that? One’s a classic, two chic lits and a suspense-mystery book. lol. Talk about book hoarding. 🙂

Bargain Book Hunting

I wasn’t able to find some of the books I really, really want to have. Although. I did found some of them, They’re so expensive! I’ve been meaning to get a hold of The Devil Wears Prada, and I did saw one today amounting to Php250, ang mahal! The original price is like, Php300 – 330, and no, I’m not that naive to give in to that since I got my Da Vinci Code for a whooping Php60. Hihi. I know, meet the stingy me. I even haggled two of the books to that old man at Recto. Haha. He gave me Php50 discount and got Bridges of Madison County and Drama Queen for Php150, because I’m “gwapa” daw. Haha. Bumili na ko, inuuto pa ko. Haha. The old man even advise me to “mag-aral ng maigi” and told me, “Ilang taon ka na ba? Katorse?” lol. Ano ko, character sa serye? Hahaha.

Twas fun buying books under Php500 although I’m trying to rest my brain for awhile after that grueling task my boss gave me.

Side Story: The Challenge

The thing about making an article get published is one thing, but people thinking you’re THAT good, is another. For the record, I’m not good. I just know how to write. So my boss, Madame Ana, ask me to write the copy for the marketing collateral and for the email blast we’d be sending by Monday. I was so thrilled! Finally, a writing task at hand. She said, “Na-publish na gawa mo so ibig sabihin magaling ka. You work with Mike with this one and help him sa layout.” Wow, I thought. This is big. But the catch? I need to hand the “about the event” on Friday. She told me this on a Thursday, 4pm. Cool. Talk about pressure. And I still need to research. Man, I need to pull this off. The whole marketing collateral’s on my hands now. It’s either I crush it, or make it. Make it, I know is what I need to do. Anyhoo, I emailed her the copy since she was at Bora, ocular ek ek for that event 🙂 There’s no vferdict yet to my copy but I’m hopeful, cause my horoscope said so. Haha. lol. And my officemate told me she did understand what I was trying to say although I think its cluttered, and it lack and has a lot of something. Hahaha. TGIF talaga. Pahinga muna. Brain-drained. And still lacking an article, due on Monday. But happy, I am. 🙂

Hello, meet Dyesel.

Don’t you just hate it when people misspelled your name? Imagine how annoyed I was, your “mali-dapat-ganito-ganyan” girl, when that pizza girl at Pizza Pedrico’s spelled it not just wrong, but bakya. After my book bargain hunting today, I went to Isettan and did my grocery, err, junk food buying and ate pizza. I ordered. The girl asked,

Girl: “Ano pong name nila, Ma’am?

Ako: “Ahm, Giezzelle.”

See, I was even hesitant on what name to give. I know my name’s spelling is quite complex, but I thought she’ll just write “Gisel” as the simplest. I would’ve accepted it wholeheartedly, but then she wrote “Dyesel”. Dalawang letra na lang “Dyesebel” na. Yuck. My name’s not even that never heard. There’s Giselle Sanchez, Giselle Toengi, Giselle Bundchen (Tama spelling?) Hello?! Stupid much? Haha. lol.

And what made it more annoying? I saw her tag and her name’s “Rhia”. lol Enough with the “H” already! Unlesss its really necessary, why put it? Okay, I know there are words that has an “H” but its silently read, like its not even there, but do not, put it on names, it looks even more baduy when put on names like, well, “RHIA”. I remember having a former classmate who texts me, “Mhina, musta na po?” Hello? Ayun, I never replied whenever he uses that on me. If he thinks its cute, NOOO, I abhor it. Especially because, I’m reading it as “Mahina.” Pfft.

So people, when not necessary, erase, erase. Haha. Too much makeup, not cool. Too much accessories, looks papansin. Too much “H”, Hewan koH sayoH!

Fly, Fly

Lastly, I went home, and the wind blew hard, and my skirt flew. Deadma. Hihihi. 😛