I was looking for some email I mailed myself sometime last year, when I was still studying. And look what I stumbled upon:

“Now, judging Lozada’s statement to the narrative paradigm, Fisher says that “The ground for determining meaning, validity, reason and truth must be a narrative context: history, culture, biography and character. Now, I have only watched few of Jun Lozada’s statement to Senate hearings and though there are few glitches here and there, I could say that his statement has consistency and coherence. Whatever his first statement was, it is still his statement in the last hearing.”

“Having said all of this, I do believe that it has sufficed all narrative rationality’s aspect. The story flows smoothly which satisfies structural coherence. Lozada’s story and others’ (witnesses and alleged people’s story) has congruency which satisfies material coherence and also thecharacterological reference where all the characters in the story are believable to be in it.”

And then some more,

“I do admit that groupthink is not good and it limits your capabilities as a person. So as to prevent groupthink, I chose Irving Janis’ methods in order to prevent his. In my group’s case, is first, we should do the work beforehand so we will not be pressured. Second is, we should develop action plans and alternatives and to not just stick to the first thing that comes in our minds. We should also apply the “devil’s advocate” to question all everyone’s idea and have the prerogative to be a “critical evaluator” so all of us can express our ideas or objections without fearing rejection.”

I pretty much don’t understand most of what I’ve said. Oh, theories, theories, I spoke like I understood what my classmates had reported during those restless time. Hihi. When in fact, I think I don’t. I can’t even remember what was my report all about. At least right now, I believe I don’t. Bull crap. I don’t even understand nor remember what those theories mean, and what can they do to my life. Or yours.

Lesson learned: Not everything that has been taught to you at school, you could use for the future. Pretty much like this one.

What the hell am I talking about?!

Now, ask me more about Comm. Theories. 😀


I got 89/100 in this one. :))