It was one of those verrry few times that I get to go home early since this year started. Frankly, I couldn’t be more hyped up about it since I wasn’t able to catch last night’s AI episode.

So I rode the bus at around 6:30 (I get off work at 6pm) and I was seated beside a fugly-looking guy which made my forty-minute ride home worse. He has sunburned skin, dirty fingers and fingernails, smelled bad, and kept inserting his hand inside his bag. I was suspicious. The bus was so full and I can’t simply choose another seat so I stayed in that two-seater the whole ride home.

I was so snappy and observant about him during that excruciating bus ride, that every move he makes made me jumpy. I dunno, I’m probably having one of those women’s instinct thing that I felt like something terrible would happen to me, or I’m just too judgmental.

Suddenly, the worse thing happened. I don’t know how he got away from my scrutinizing eyes but in a second, he was holding out what looked liked a balisong, I can’t exactly tell but it’s a knife, I could feel that stabbing pain on my right hip. I got so nervous, I lost all color on my face and I heard him say “ Huwag kang maingay. Akina yung cellphone mo.”

I have long dreamt about this one coming. Its that something that’s inevitable for someone who rides public rides everytime. So I always keep another phone on me, I call it my ‘dummy phone’. It is a real phone, but it has lost its function a long time ago.

I handed my dummy phone to him, then to my surprised he said, “Eto lang? Akina yung isa pa. Pati wallet.” He added as he pushed his knife on my right hip so I could feel it more, then I feel something get wet on my right side. I know it was blood. I felt something throbbing on that part. I could feel my eyes starting to water, producing tears and my hands were cold and trembling as I hand him my real phone. I don’t know how he knew that I had another one, but I just gave it to him for fear that I might lose my life over it. Then he said “Salamat, miss.”

Suddenly, the guy on my right moved. I jerked. He looked at me, kind of puzzled. I was dazed. We were in Pureza. He get off the bus. I felt stupid. I wasn’t being robbed. I had another paranoia attack.

True, he smelled bad, and he looked bad, and he kept on putting his hands inside his bag, but that was because it was so cold inside the bus, the air-conditioning unit was directly on him so he keeps on putting his hands inside his bag to keep them warm and not to get the balisong.

What’s it with bad-looking, bad-smelling  guys with sun-kissed (or sun-french kissed, lol, sunburned) skin that scares me? Ha-ha. So turned out he wasn’t a hold upper and I didn’t get held up, but it felt like it was so true. Pfft. I, myself almost believe my imagination.

At one point there, did you believed it, too?