Dear Batch 2010,

Stay as long as you can. The real world sucks. The pay is not always good. In a month’s time, you’ll ask yourself “What the hell am I doing here slaving myself for this person’s gain?” You’ll miss your friends and all your inuman-bonding sessions. You’ll miss being a parasite. Budgeting sucks, especially if you’ve got little to budget. Seeing that big TAX DEDUCTIBLE on your payslip sucks even more. Sometimes, you just want to punch your boss and scream at his ugly face how mean he is, and just how many times you killed him in your mind, but instead you smile, and that sucks the most.

You’ll be stressed out, overworked, turn into a work alcoholic (I like!) and end up looking like a zombie. Office politics, I don’t know what office politics is. Responsibilities suck, you can’t say you forgot to get the work done. There are no grades, only paychecks are in numbers. You screw up, you’re done. You’ll have zero social life, zilch in your bank account. Meeting up with friends seem impossible. You drag yourself to work everyday and you’re itching to come home the second you walk inside the office.

But you’ll live. As Monica Geller puts it, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks, you’re going to love it.”


previous idealist fresh grad Mina