..is aside from the fact that he looks hot, haha, he’s also yummy on the inside. I mean, I’ve been under Sir Tamano’s presidency at PLM and I really, truly believed that he did made a CHANGE. He’s like our own Barrack Obama.

For starters, renovations were very much apparent in PLM vicinity during his term. The school cafeteria (I’m calling it cafeteria kasi sosyal na!) has been renovated, has its own air conditioning system and you can really eat inside unlike before that PLMayers call it ‘pugon’. I remember staying inside the canteen whenever its cold outside. Haha.

The Al Carunungan Library (damn, I know the name, geeky much?) now has computers with internet, which could be use by students for free. Although, you’ve got to have patience as one of your virtues since it loads sooo slow. I just don’t know if it improved since we left. Last I heard, PLM’s a WiFi hotspot now!

The catwalks been renovated too, as well as a new University Activity Center was built behind Tanghalang Bayan.

And not only that, Sir Adel also increased the employees salary. Kuya — (crap, I forgot the name of CMC technician, help me out here Kamaskom) could attest to that. i could still remember our chat when he told us about it. He was really commending Sir Adel for what he did, and a whole load of information he also shared with regards on the employees’ benefit that they now enjoy were all courtesy of him.

Aside from that, Sir Adel is very much visible in the campus. Unlike Tayabas who rarely comes out of his office, usually with his guards pa, Sir Adel goes about on his own observing and talking with the students, ladies’ shrieks (professors and students alike) follow him everywhere, I for one admits that I stalk him during his gym sessions at the PT Gym. Haha. Mondays, 4pm onwards. Hahaha.

If there’s one thing I hate about Sir Tamano, aside from his sizzling hotness which is so hard to resist, haha, is the fact that he’s so showbiz. I didn’t like the fact that he got connected with the Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho scandal and get cameo roles on Pinoy movies. Showbiz, much? But I can’t blame him, if he wants to make a name for himself now that he’s running for office (senator) its probably just right to make ‘ingay’ for people to get to know him. But I really think its a bad idea.

Last week, I found out PLM’s entrance exam is now for free. Whoa! Free education. He really is being true to his words. I remember him saying that countless times, and now, it really is. If he’s doing this as part of his strategy, I don’t even care, the thing is, he is helping a lot of kids make their dreams come true.

And with this, I end this post by saying, get to know this guy. And perhaps spare him a spot on your ballot?