Twelve days into bum-hood. I didn’t have anything to do so I had so much time to think about just about everything. Here goes.

1. My personal assessment about myself is right. I have the tendency to get addicted to computer games if I wanted to. My PVZ addiction level is high for five straight days as I can play for twelve hours a day to satisfy my needs.

2. I can only keep myself interested for such a short period of time. One of the things I truly hate about myself. This might explain why I only stayed in my first job for three months and just four months in my second job. So my third job should really be something I love doing and would challenge me in order to make me want to do it for a very long time. A researcher for a news and public affairs show would definitely keep me going. Ah, the dream job.

3. Money would never be an issue to me. My happiness and pride always comes first.

4. Political candidates think they can make a fool out of every Filipino. Why does Villar’s ad says “Nagawa niyang magpatayo ng bahay para sa maraming Pilipino. Magagawa niya rin sayo ito”, or something to that effect. It’s so stupid. Negosyo niya yun, malamang marami siyang mapatayong bahay! And Chiz Escudero’s “pinalaki siya ng mabuti ng mga magulang niya” on Noynoy Aquino. So all the other candidates, hindi pinalaki ng mabuti ng mga magulang nila? O sige, siya na mabuting anak!

5. That Hermes Birkin bag. I don’t know why girls go gaga over it, it’s just a bag for crying out loud. A 6 mil bag could already feed thousands of hungry mouths, could buy my family a house and lot and a car, or we could have our own ice plant.

6. The most powerful tool I have right now, the poker face. And I love it!

7. Glee always leaves me with glee after watching few episodes of it.

8. I don’t know why Noynoy Aquino can’t get through me. Kris Aquino’s existence is a factor, but I just really don’t get him. Jamby I get, but not him! He can’t ‘eat’ my brains! Hahaha

9. Jervy telling me I’m an emo. NOT. And asking me why I didn’t had another boyfriend after the last time. Because, they can’t keep me interested for a long time, can’t even keep a good conversation, and all my crushes are either in Hollywood or taken, that’s why!

10. I cannot finish writing my cover letter. It’s stupid I know. It’s been sitting on my desktop for twelve days now. But I wrote my resignation letter in just a little over 30 minutes. I probably should get a degree in resignation letter writing.

11. The person who thought of the word ‘jejemons’ is brilliant. And people who made a big deal out of their existence are not. Seriously now, the whole status messages about them are getting old. But bashing them is somehow a guilty pleasure. A very bad one.

12. The whole new resolution “Bitch less.” is very hard to keep. I can think of three bitchy things even before breakfast. – Carmina in Wonderland.

13. Inggitera ko kay Macky kaya may list din ako. At naalala ko si Sir Roel kaya “Personal Learnings and Insights” title. Imagine, naalala ko si Sir Roel. Hahaha. I love that PR subject, that’s why! Lots of personal learnings, and insights.