Today is a very terrible, laughtrip, tear jerker, full of commotion, day. And it all started with the youngest boy at home.

6 am. Nagising ako ng pinagagalitan ni mama si papa for saying that her bunso has gone home when he didn’t.

MIA for almost 24 hours si Adelbert Mones. At kung kilala mo si Evangeline Mones, alam mong grabe yan kung mag-alala pag kulang ang mga anak niya. Syempre, lalo na ang bunso niya. By the time that I woke up, she’s gone ballistic. She’s almost a madwoman, crying, almost hyperventilating I was afraid she’d have heart attack (she do have that disease).

Text and call brigade has been done on the search for his missing boy. Suddenly, the house turned into a call center facility (I’m exaggerating on that part). Seriously, I was getting nervous and my mind was painting lots of scary pictures as to what has happened with my brother. No offense meant on people living on Tondo, but let’s admit it, crime rate at that place is freaking high especially in some places. The worse I have on my mind was my baby brother going home lifeless. Knock on wood. I was praying that the worse thing that could happen to him was with a broken nose or something. Mukha kasing maangas yun, plus the mohawk, so you could just imagine kung gaano kami ka-alala sa batang yun.

Off they went to Tondo, (Cat and Mama) and I was left to look after Peyu and should Adelbert come home, I could notify them immediately. (For their adventure in Tondo, please refer to Cat’s note. Hahaha)

They went home around 12 pm and I was just glad that our little boy was safe and sound. Apparently, he’d gone to his classmate’s father’s burial and got drunk he couldn’t even text where the fuck he is making everyone at home nervous and almost at a breakdown.

Sabi ko nga sa kanya, bat di ka nagtetext. Hindi niya raw memorize yung number naming. His phone swam in water that’s why. To which I retorted with, “Sa susunod tatattoo-an na kita ng lahat ng number ng tao dito sa bahay ng hindi mo makalimutan”. I was so mad at those two lesbians who fetch him, if something did happen to my brother, I swear, I would have them raped. The annoying part? It was as if they don’t care. His girlfriend would not answer the damn phone, the lesbian turned off her phone, and nobody knows where they are. Thank God for his pals, Kenneth and Kenneth for taking their time out text brigading everyone they knew in order to locate our baby. Even if Kenneth Mora said ‘Badtrip sinira tulog niya’, at least he helped.

Now I have three realizations for this day:

1.    You would never know when you’ll need your friends’ help. Most of them are there during booze time, girls and fun time, you’ll only know who really cares for you when you get in deep shit. At least Adelbert found two. Choose your friends wisely. I have.
2.    Men, in whatever size, shape or age, would never ever fail to make a woman cry. My father seemed like he doesn’t even care his boy’s gone. Says he was just out for some pussy, sorry for the term, which was backed by my uncle, they laughed which made mama more furious than ever. Jervy, just went back to sleep. Kuya Albert showed a bit emotion, but nothing more. Us girls almost lost it. Tas sila ganun lang? Grabe, now, I would never again dare understand how their minds work.
3.    Love your mom. I mean my mom almost gone crazytowne today. A simple text as to where the hell are you would go an effing long way.

Now the only thing that bugs me is that, if your son made your day really bad, would you bitchslap him so he won’t do it again or you go to the mall with him and buy him a new cellphone? My mom did the latter. Now I just want to go out and don’t text her, I’d probably have a new cellphone when I come back. Hahaha.