If you know me well enough, I know that you know how cynic I am about love.

Sure, I do believe it exists. I love my family, and friends, I know some people who love each other, had listened to friends’ heartbreaking stories, but that’s about it. No more, no less. I don’t believe in sappy, love stories, they’re for movie actors to prove they deserve an Oscar; happily ever afters are meant for reading; but I do believe in people who fall in love and eventually get hurt by the very people who promised never to hurt them. And no, it’s not in the movies, or books, its in real life. Adelbert and Jervy’s constant following of Papa Jack’s True Love Conversations proves it.

But somehow, I am leaning on believing the other good part of it. That there are love that are true, and real, whatever, I kind of spaced out there.

If you have been keeping in touch with me, I know that you know that I quit my job.

So when Patty group messaged me on her need to have people to help on their event, I was more than glad to agree on it. Out of boredom, and money, LOL.

First day was flyering for the event. It was hot, hot, and very hot that day. Oh, have I said that the scorching heat of the sun fried my brains? Well, ’twas an okay job, Cat and I finished early when we discovered that the words “Hello, Ma’am/Sir”, “Thank You”, and “Pleeease” while putting on that super-fake smile goes a loooong way. Charm, too. lol

Second and third day, I was stationed at the registration with Patty and Ms. Jay (funny, I always remember Ms. Jay of ANTM whenever I say her name) or Ms. Jay and Ivan, or Sir Alvin, depending on the tasks they wanted us to do. It really was a no-brainer, fun, and would definitely summon the green-eyed monster in you.

Now you’re thinking, Carmina’s post is all over the place. Is this her being a non-believer, her stint in events, her road to bumhood, or random blabbering to keep her brain from downsizing to its original size? (I actually have this theory that because of the heat, our brain cells evaporate, that’s why jejemons rule, Noynoy won and the cursor kept blinking at me for an entire minute now) waw, this post’s cluttered.

Going back, I was stationed at the registration so I know how many couples and guests visited the bridal fair. Yes, my friends, I was at a bridal fair. Seriously, I really thought that bridal fairs do not fare well anymore. I mean, what with all the recession, the deceiving, conniving, evil people we meet every second, and whatnot. I thought that to even think of getting married at this point is just crazy.

Apparently, more than three thousand registered people are crazy. And almost half wrote their names on the registration forms with blings on their right ring fingers, you just wanna take it off their fingers and hit them on the head with it just to put some sense on them, or you know, secretly, you just want to ask if you can try them on, or ask how did he put that rock on her finger. Gee, I am so jealous. I’m so jealous my phone knows it that it’s playing my wedding song right now. Seriously.

I do not know how to sequence my story!!

Aside from eye-ing those jewels, I also visited the exhibitors’ place in the fair. Ms. Sam asked me to get flyers from the exhibitors that Pat is having a hard time to find, lol, so I became an undercover agent, more lol, and I instantly become a bride, a debutante, a sister’s debutante, a sister of the groom, and the mom of the bride, more lol. Hahaha. Everything you could ever think of you need in the wedding is there. Invitations, check. Photographers, check. Makeup and bridal gowns, check. Heck, even bridal cars are there! (Ivan, I want my pictures with the vintage bridal car. :)) I totally enjoyed the free photograph booths located there, I even came back with Patty with more goofy faces. Ha-ha.

At the end of the day, I am somewhat a changed person. Yes, we are in this time where recession is a big thing, but it should not keep somebody from making the biggest leap in one’s life, and that is to get married, at whatever’s cost, whether be it a hundred grand, a million and a half wedding, or a trip to the judge’s office. Money isn’t everything. But it will make your big day really special if you’ve got lots. Ha-ha. Still logical.

True love exists. Handsome guys with not so pretty girls with that coveted rocks on their finger, not so handsome guys with modelesque fiancees inquiring, true love, right? Ha-ha.

I applaud the guys who went alone on the bridal fair, and would not forget the guy who said he did not tell his fiancee he’s going to be there, and the guy who said, “Kaya lang baka walang singsing dyan” with which I retorted with, “Meron pong mga rings sa loob”. Rings have a special place on my heart, lol.

I abhor the guests who entered just to get freebies and eat in the grand food tasting, even if they do not have a wedding or a debut to celebrate. Wais.

And I am truly amazed with the 30 bookings of one exhibitor. Cool, right?

Now I’ll stop typing nonsense, find my guy and go back to that bridal fair few years later with my to-die-for rock on my ring finger. Probably Before I Do 17th Edition. lol.

P.S. So sorry for the mess, I am just trying to exorcise that Before I Do theme song playing nonstop on my head. Exorcism is messy right?