STEP ONE: It was one fine night in August when this idea suddenly hit me: If Cat and I love clothes, styling, and looking fine + a little money from our savings to start it off + an eye for detail + a little creativity + looking for a cute ChillCat model (that everyone will like) = PROFIT!

And voila! ChillCat was born!

STEP TWO: So now you’re asking, if I thought about it in August, why only do it in March? The answer: we were kinda scared that this racket will not be a hit, that girls will not get our little vision: to eradicate the world with ugly-looking clothes one girl at a time. Haha. Okay, that’s our little secret I’m sharing to everyone. But since almost every piece of clothing we have had already been borrowed by friends, we held hands and jump into the unknown seas of online selling. With things at the back of our minds like what if we get fooled by bogus buyers and all, but so far, so good. 😀

STEP THREE: Another thing that made us want to do it is the fact that everytime we go to the mall, there are these clothes that are so expensive, if I bought it, it makes my wallet want to cry, and if I won’t, it will make me want to cry. Believe me, I had gone through this a thousand times. And the sad thing? When you bought it, you see almost every girl in the street wearing the very same kind you are wearing! Goodness, all that for say, six, seven hundred bucks? Hell no! (Now this answers your never ending question of why not getting two piece of every kind. Plus, believe me, it’s really not that possible.)

STEP FOUR: We feel for you. That’s why, I believe, we are the only online shop that sells clothes that are within your budget. All under five hundred bucks, right? Our mantra: You don’t have to spend much to look like a million bucks. 😀

STEP FIVE: And I’m going to make this short now, please don’t get sad when: we released our clothes so late, we just want each item to look fab in every way; or when somebody snag the one you really like, its really on a first come first serve basis, thus, another one of our beliefs, fashion waits for no one!

Now, cheers for all the beautiful clothes that all of you have bought, leaving Cat and I thinking “it’s so close yet so far” (imagine how we always stop ourselves from not selling an item we really, really like, I could name ten for you right now!) just so we can give you fashionably cheap clothes that everyone will lurve! 😀

Cheers for our beautiful model, Renzelle, the face of ChillCat and to all the people who make this racket possible. :))

Tenth Release, almost out! Find us on Facebook, ChillCat Mones. :))

– Chill. 😀