The twenty-first of this month marks my twenty second year of existence in this big, bad world. It was an okay 23 hours and 40 minutes, and a fleeting, happy, kilig-filled twenty minutes.

No, I don’t have a boyfriend and I did not spend twenty minutes of my birthday with him. I actually met with a friend, and yes, I do like him. We met so he could give his birthday treat for me. A 3L mango ice cream, yum!

I was actually surprised that he was so keen on meeting me on my birthday and giving me his birthday gift, given the fact that he is the stingiest person who ever lived. Anyway, my subconscious wants to think that he wants to see me, but my conscious mind wants to say, “Of course he does want to see you, you probably are his BEST GIRL FRIEND.” Well wait a second. He did say I was his best girl friend. How I hate that space right there.

I just hope one day I can put girl and friend together. I do, I really do. If it weren’t for his two-year looong relationship, I would have jump at the opportunity if it will present itself to me.

I fell from my twenty-minute ecstasy when I received his text message wishing me “sana makahanap ka na ng guy for you”. I wonder, had I replied, “I already found you”, what could have he replied, or will he ever?

He will NOT. Of course, he is a scaredy cat, I’m 90% sure of that. He will never ever cross that boundary, so I guess its time to move on. And then you open your Facebook account and see his status “(Friend) is on gala mode. :)” And then you’ll be reading a comment from his girlfriend saying “Alam ko kung nasan ka, nasa MOA. Magkasama kaya tayo.” Well, what the heck. You guys are already hanging out; do you really have to rub it in?!

They probably got bored with each other. I mean, who the hell goes on a date and go online at Facebook at the same time? Both of them? Haha. Are they bored with each other or something? lol. I would’ve wanted to comment on that post too. Something like, “Are you bored with each other you need to broadcast it?” Haha

Damn. I sure hate being his friend. I hate you and your mango-flavored Magnolia ice cream. I can’t even work on my articles because of you. I just want to go home, watch my DH DVDs and eat my, your ice cream. I hate you.