10. a good book to read, which I badly need now.
9. a long lost friend’s SMS – It’s always fun to get in touch with people from your past, isn’t it?
8. Night out with friends, or family; with booze, loud music or videoke and psychotic dancing
7. DVD marathon of movies, or series that I love until the break of dawn. Or until my mom shouts “Madaling-araw na nanonood ka pa rin?! Matulog ka na!”
6.Kwentuhan galore with the family during supper. Nonsense things, things that has happened about our day, goofing around, and sometimes, minsan lang naman, smart talks. Hahaha.
5. Crush’s text, that comes once in a blue moon. Never fails to make me smile. 🙂
4. Tong-its session with Cat and Budang. This will become number three if I keep on winning.
3. My niece’s kakulitan: Peyu’s antics, Paopao’s bitchy attitude and Poypoy’s smile. Ahh, never fails to throw my stresses out the window.
2. Chocolates. Who doesn’t? Sugar rush, and antok-stopper, too. 🙂
1. DVD marathon of FRIENDS. Can’t add anything more. The best show ever.


Well, what’s yours?

photo credits: Christofer Famero