Yep, you guessed it right. I’m one of the millions of people who flock to Makati, the land of tall buildings and semi-disciplined people, to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Nope, scratch that. 12 hours a day, sometimes six days a week.

Every single day, I will wait for thirty to forty minutes for a bus at Forbes near Nagtahan Bridge for a PVP bus that will take me to where I work at Makati. I wait, along with some other passengers to ride the bus with me. And every day, I will be riding the bus on a standing position. If I will be lucky, there will be few seats left, or a guy would be nice enough to give me his seat, but those times come in few, fewer than blue moons I suppose, as I believe I have only been offered a seat at least thrice in my whole commuter experience in that bus.

Whether it is because I wasn’t pretty enough to be offered a seat or chivalrous men are as endangered as a monitor lizard, I don’t know. I believe it’s the latter though, I’m just confident enough on my ‘ganda’. Hahaha. The few times I have been offered a seat, it’s that I thought guys find me pretty or I looked so distressed that deep, deep, way deep in their heart, these guys find their inner chivalry enough for me to be offered a seat. At one point, depending on how I looked that day, I believe they did offered me a seat because I’m pretty and they offered me a seat because I look so drab and pitiful they just had to do it. Either way, I’m all good; at least I won’t have to stand up the whole way, or sometimes from Nagtahan to Pasong Tamo, just to get a decent seat. Hah!

The many times that I have not been offered a seat, I would stand on the aisle along with other passengers who were as unfortunate as me, or you know, we were living far enough from the bus station that we ran out of seats before the bus gets on our stop. Sometimes, I would be lucky to be standing in front of a seat and the person will be emerging at San Andres or Cash n’ Carry. The luckiest I had been were the several times were a passenger would get off at Nagtahan bridge or Zamora. But those were verrry few times, mind you, so I believe my calf muscles were bigger now than ever.

Then there are also those worse times that I have to stand beside a guy who smell so baaad early in the morning. It was like, hell. Or those times were I was wearing a bit plunging neckline or a skirt or a sleeveless blouse and I have to stand beside a perv. Talk about bad days, I don’t have boobs, man! Or those times were I was wearing high heels and the driver is driving like mad. It literally felt like I was an acrobat or something. The worst thing, though? I would have to run because I’m running late from the heavy traffic. Thankfully, I have been promoted and no longer have to run if ever I came running late.

But still, I can’t stand the fact that I am paying the same amount and have to endure the thirty to forty-five minutes SRO inside the bus, so what did I do? My father and I looked for the bus stop. We did! Hurray! So now, I am one of the 66 passengers who are fortunate enough to sit the whole ride and sleep! Yes, those are 30-45 minutes of bliss. Nakaw na tulog are really special for me. Felt like I was able to steal something and it makes me happy, and I wasn’t able to hurt another person.

There are still some times though that I would get on the bus stop late and end up standing on the way to office, but those are fewer than the times I would get off work early, so no big deal. Plus, I’ve got no one to blame but me.