I realized I have watched two movies with the princesses named Giselle, well, the other was Gisela in it. And both have found their princes complete with a true love’s kiss. My name is Giezzelle, but why the hell haven’t I met my prince?

Is it because I’m not stupid enough to take a bite off the poisonous apple? Or maybe all my shoes fit so I haven’t had the chance to leave a shoe when I am running off? Maybe that’s because I don’t have the patience to grow my hair soooo long or I’m an insomniac so I don’t need to get woken up by a kiss.

If you are going to tell me that maybe because I don’t think or act like a princess, then I would have to disagree. Because just like Belle, I love books, although I don’t think I would fell for a beast; like Mulan I make firm decisions and I am tough, but I don’t think that I could pretend like a man or become a hero to save my country, that’s too physical for me; and just like Arielle, I am a sucker for love, I like watching that “prince charming” from afar and I keep nice and fashionable things, but I’m not sure if I am that brave to give up my “fins” just to be with the guy I love.

In short, I am short of being a real Disney princess. That might be the real reason why I haven’t met my prince. Sad, but okay and hopeful at the same time. I mean, if Aurora waited for a hundred year just to be awoken from a kiss, Rapunzel got ‘incarcerated’ all her life before she met her prince and Arielle gave up her fins to prove that love exists in three days, what’s another hour, day, month or year for me to wait, right?

I would just like to think that I’m too afraid to kiss frogs and my prince had been seeing a lot of wrong feet; really, how many size 7 women are out there? I just hope that my glass slipper will not look like ‘ukay’ at all once I finally have the chance to try them on. Let’s just hope he’ll meet me soon and he doesn’t have an evil stepmother because I’m sure as hell know I don’t have ugly step sisters. It doesn’t run in the blood. Teehee. Heck, I may even be the wicked step sister! Grazilda alert! But even she did found her prince, so no worries.

Well, maybe the real reason why I’m the only Giezzelle who hasn’t found her prince is because I have a too complex name spelling to start with. Damn NSO. Do you think that if I ever had it corrected, will I then be able to have my true love’s kiss?

Oh, well. Enough fairy tales for now. This is after all, reality. And happily ever afters are part of a kiddie story. On second thought, nobody’s too old for a “happily ever after”. So what to do? For now, I’m going to have a good night’s sleep and a sweet dream. Tomorrow’s another heck of a day at work and I need to be back to reality in 7 hours.


Where do I get a fairy godmother? 🙂