Two years after we have graduated, we’ve got no news with how the yearbook went. Did it vanish into nothingness? Have we made a complete fool of ourselves and allowed Noel to rob us blind? Where the hell is Relans and when can we get that damned yearbook?

If you’d ask me, all I’d say is “The hell I care.” It’s not that I don’t care enough about the 4k I have paid for the package, (5k for those who are brave enough to order a bigger blow up of their highly Photoshopped picture) of course, I do. That was my parents’ money, and they paid for it. And just like what every batch mate is saying, “Give us what we paid for.” But I don’t really care, couldn’t care less; primarily because I have waited for four fucking years to get a hold of my stupid high school yearbook, let’s just say that I’ve been there, done that, and it’s not even worth it.

So what’s the point of all this, you may ask?

Nothing, I guess. It’s just that there have been a lot of issues circulating about this it’s getting annoying than that Marian-Heart feud. There have been plenty of story versions of when and how did the money got lost. Stones were thrown but there’s still no yearbook.

Facebook statuses, posts on Noel’s wall, posts on the PLM CMC Batch 2009 and Alumni group have been made by many of us. Di ako magmamalinis, because I am also annoyed at the feeling na para kang pinagnakawan ng sarili mong kapatid. But the thing that bothers me the most is that all these posts na very accusing. I can’t blame you guys, kasi pera nyo yun at gusto nyo nalang makuha kung ano ang ganang inyo. But I just hope na let’s not do it on the Alumni page as it is not everyone’s concern. It is our batches’ concern, in the same manner that other batches’ concerns are theirs. I don’t really get the reason why we have to make this thing almost get blown out of proportion and let the entire PLM CMC people know about it. Syempre, almost kasi nakikisawsaw din ako diba. Di ko nalang talaga mapigilan. Alam ko namang hindi lang ung 4 or 5k na binayad niyo ang pinagsisintir nyo kundi yung mga memories na ninakaw sa inyo. Yun bang thought na may babalik-balikan ka, a piece of your life na may proof na nagexist yun, when the time comes na nagka-amnesia or Alzheimer’s ka or pasenti ka na gusto mong bumalik ng kolehiyo dahil middle aged ka na e wala ka pa ring nararating.

But come to think of it, according to some people who have seen it, marami ring lapses with the yearbook; which brings me to my second point, the editors. I don’t blame you guys for making mistakes, shit happens all the time (especially because I haven’t heard anything wrong about my entry, so no worries, he he). Sabi, may mali with Dickson’s and Gracii’s description or whatever, among other things. I have yet to see the yearbook so I’m not saying anything. Naimagine ko lang kasi, magiging masaya pa kaya yung mga taong taeng-taeng makuha yung yearbook nila kung di naman sila masasatisfy sa lumabas dun na mukha nila, o mali kaya yung spelling ng name nila, or worst, wala ka dun sa yearbook na yun. Magsisintir ka pa rin ba sa P600 na kailangan mong idagdag if you want to get a copy of the yearbook?

Tip: If you want to know, ask Kimpee. He had the money to pay P600 for the yearbook. I’d do it too, but I don’t have the money and I’m just not that interested with it. And also because I know that I’ve got more than hundreds of pages of memories about you guys that a book filled with our glamorized photos and sensationalized “About Me” can’t compete with. Did the yearbook mention the hardships we had with major classes and productions we had? Will it even include phrases that have made a mark on us like “Woohoo!” “Kanya-kanyang drive na to!” or “C-M-C, Lakas ng Pamantasan”? Will it even encapsulate everything that we have experienced? I guess not. Or Kimpee can detest to this if it did. So why the hell do we even care? In ten years, I’m sure as hell not everyone will remember the names of the 90 people who marched last April 17, 2009. At sorry, pero hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung bakit taeng-tae ang ilan na makuha ang yearbook. Di ko lang magets.

But this is just me. At the end of the day, it will all boil down on how you see the glass: half full or half empty. (parang walang kunek, pero gusto ko pa rin sabihin)

Sa huli, kung gusto nyong makita ang yearbook, di shell out P600. I bet kalahating araw lang naman ang katumbas ng perang yan sa marami sa inyo. At para rin matahimik na tayo sa bagay na yan. At kung darating man ang araw na maibabalik ang pera, e di thank you. Wag lang sana kung kelan katumbas na lang ng sinkwenta ang anim na daan. Kung ayaw niyo, di wag. Sino ba namang makukunsumi pag naaalala nila yung yearbook nila at maiimbyerna? Basta alam ko di ako yun.