I can’t sleep. What’s new?i haven’t blog for a thousand and one days, i think. That kinda makes me somewhat busy.. err.. I’ve been having some kind of sickness. It’s awfully called ‘tamaditis’. So here I am. Doing free writing again.

I realized, I’ve had tons of things left undone, but hell, I’ve been through a lot lately just thinking about it makes me feel like I’m going back to hell. Oh-kay, just to show you that I’m not slacking, nor having the urge to just stop writing, cause I can’t do that. That might be the last thing I’d do. Here’s the list of the things we have done to pass the semester:

photo story- which made me poorer than I thought I am

documentary- which was fun doing although left me having a few coins inside my pocket

chapter three of thesis- its kind of ironic that this might be the easiest task I had done, this sem ha, and I’ve only got a 2.0 in my classcard..hmm..

still thinking. See how many things I’ve done I’ve got selective amnesia. Ha-ha.


Animation- haha. I had fun doing this. I’ve got to use my voice, my sister’s my mom’s, my cousin’s, and my pamangkins’ voices. How cool was that? Although, the editing part was real excruciating, to the nth level.

Crisis comm. Finals- okay lang actually, cause we’ve done this countless times, but this one’s quite hard for us since we’re just five in the group. It just so happened that my supposed to be groupmates (issa, ghe, jb, melch) are ‘pluma friends’ kaya exempted na sila sa finals. They deserved it anyways, for bringing home the bacon (hey! I’m going to devote an entire blog for you guys!). but since, me and my groupmates are indeed ‘Survivors’, we made it. Even making it as the second best both in performance and in the paper. Second place? Hell, yeah! We’re the leanest groups anyways, and I’m so proud of us! Kudos! Of course, much thanks to JB’s lay-outing skills, issa’s added research, melch’s assistance and block one’s never ending support.


A red flag meant below 3.0 in performance and a green flag meant 3.0 or higher. That’s the barometer. Sir roel would raise a flag after each presentation, and you will know how well did you do in the process. we were the last group to perform. Sir roel had a good time during the morning session, however, during the afternoon session, he got pissed off at the noise outside, so I guess it made me nervous all the more. Actually, I was confident with my group. But when that happened, it really got into my nerves. Thank God for Melch, JB and Issa talaga. Silang tatlo ang mga fans namin. They were psyching us na we can do it at ‘wag kabahan’. So yun. We went in front and saw everyone. Block one, actually, sa unahan. Looking back, everyone have these faces, I can’t explain, pare-pareho ng reaction, parang ‘you can do it’, un ung message. Dramatic as it may seem, it eased all my nervousness away. And I did not forgot a single line! Yay! That’s one thing I love about block one, alam mong they’re there, pushing you to the limit. I love these guys.

Going back.

But the hardest for me is the screenplay- I had to do an eighty page screenplay for my film writing class under sir roy. It’s tough doing this because I really want to prove to myself that I can write. Not just to sir roy, but primarily, to myself. I’m quite happy with my 120page screenplay although I felt that it lacked something. I must admit that some parts are not really good and are haphazardly done due to time constraints and lack of sleep and inspiration, but still, I so love my work. i just hate norman’s laptop for erasing the complete file on my flash disk. Damn you laptop! And damn you, virus! Heehee. Luckily though, I’ve a soft copy on my pc only to find out that it only contains the 103 pages, kulang na siya. And gaad, I so want to finish that before the next semester begin. Help me, God.