Just like the little black dress, one staple that should be in every girl’s kikay kit is the red lipstick. It’s sexy, it’s passionate, it catches guys’ attention, and most importantly, it’s a classic and will never go out of style.


According to good ol’ Wikipedia (that not everyone trusts), a lipstick is a cosmetic product composed of different ingredients applied on the lips to give it texture and color. Did you know that Cleopatra is probably the first one who used red lipstick? Thought so, too. That girl must have been the Audrey Hepburn during her time. Anyway, they said she used carmine beetles as lipstick to give her lips a deep red color. A few centuries later, Queen Elizabeth I also revolutionized the red lipstick with her ashen face. It was then followed by Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe in the 50’s.


But although the red lipstick is a classic look, many women still feel that this is not the right shade for them. It could be! Just think about Hollywood stars like the Olsen twins and Cameron Diaz as well as our homegrown artists Heart Evangelista and Anne Curtis who totally rock the red lips, you can do it as well.


Ideally, make the red lipstick the focal point of your face. If you do not want to look like a clown or a drag queen, make sure that you wear a very light blush and a barely there eye makeup with it. Likewise, try to wear it with a ponytail or just take away all hair away from the face so people will get drawn in it and not in your hair.


Choose a color that will compliment your skin color. You can do this by checking out the different shades of red lipstick until you find the shade that best suits you. You can also try combining different shades of red until you achieve the right red for you. Some of the best red lipstick can be found at Mary Kay, MAC, Max Factor, Revlon and Ever Bilena, if you are going for the cheap, but quality red lipsticks.


The best way to wear the red lipstick though is if you have a clear, flawless face so your red lips will stand out and not the blemishes or that red screaming pimple you have on your face. It won’t hurt to use concealer to hide blemishes, dark circles and marks, just make sure that you will blend it well so your face won’t have patches that is very unsightly.


Wear the red lipstick with pride; of course for a while there you will feel that this is not the lipstick shade for you. You may even feel that it is bit bright for you, but it will grow on you. In fact, according to Desiree Tordecilla, Stila’s executive, 9 out of 10 women learn to love the way they wear their red lipstick, especially when they go out at night.


So revamp the way you look and embrace a new side of you with red lipsticks. It’s a great picker upper, a great confidence booster and of course, a beauty trend that will go on and on forever. What are you waiting for? Find your shade and let it be your one fashion statement: GO BOLD.