Now, now, if you think that I had finally met THE ONE, you’re wrong. We’re all hoping that that day would happen soon, but that day’s still not today.

But here’s how my day went, if ever you’re interested.

Once upon several hours ago pala, a girl woke up at 5am feeling so sleepy she slept late last night searching the internets. Her case study, or guest, if you would like to call it, called her and told her that the 6:30 am call time she initially told her, three times, is not really 6:30, but 5:30. Damn.

As luck may have it, her SP and their crew is early, so they’re not really screwed, just like how Cinderellie is saved by her fairy godmother, her SP saved her. 😀

Then, off they went to Villamor Golf Course to shoot her guest playing golf, as one of his many activities.

Short back story: The day before, our heroine had a little road block when the golf course’s management declined her proposal to allow the team to shoot the tournament. But because she used her charms, will power and damsel in distress act, she was able to make the general follow her wishes. Aal iz well (biglang 3 Idiots ang peg)

End of flashback.

The general and her mignon had many rules and regulations and our heroine is kinda scared that she may break one of those. Luckily for her, on the day of the event, these two people are nowhere to be found so they were able to shoot like there was no tomorrow.

There, she met the <s>ball’s</s> tournament’s organizer, the ever so handsome Piolo Pascual. But there’s a hitch, they can’t be together, because they belonged to different castles. lol. And the other reason? You know the other reason. Do I really have to spell it out for you? lol

Anywhores, the general came soon after, and apprehended them for not following his rules. bleh. They were able to escape him though and were even able to interview the guest’s caddie and umbrella girl. 😀

Afterwards, they went to the set of the longest running noontime show to shoot the studio tour with the guest and interview with the pillars in the industry. Hint: TVJ. But they were only able to shoot the J, how sad. The V is not around so heroine is quite sad.


Haha. Then again, aal iz well, as her new favorite movie would say. So to see the glass half full than half empty, is still so much better. After all, another dabarkads is set to be followed. Waw. Today’s really a fairytale. No ups and downs, it’s as if I’m walking on cloads and hopping and running on green grass. 😀



I suck at storytelling in a fairytale kind of way, right? Yeah, you just wasted at least 10 minutes of your time with me. lol. Now back to regular programming: the ranty old me. 🙂