Forgive me for posting too much girly and Im’material girl posts. Ahaha. Can’t help it, I’m just a girl, you don’t understand. 

There will be I think two more girly posts then I will be back to my usual self, but expect a few more rounds of girly and Im’material girl posts every now and then, because if you know me personally, you know how maarte I could be that you know, there was a time that in a day, I have been called “ang arte-arte mo talaga” three times. Beat that! I’m maarte and I like it. Because just like as I have posted on my Facebook status, if you look good, you feel good (Heart Evangelista when asked about her vanity) and if you feel good, you start doing things  in a more confident manner, plus, there are perks too, especially when you’re a girl like me!

You get seated in MRT (Chivalry, you’re still alive, but in ICU!), you get nice compliments and you get away with old staff at DFA to approve your passport, finally! 😀 Let’s talk about the downsides in another post but the top two are: some people don’t get you and call you superficial and you get denied a passport by a rude and kulang sa dilig bitch on Window 21 at DFA Aseana. PS. I still remember your face, you fugly rude girl.

Next posts I think would be How To Get Your Passport Processed For First Timers (you know how I love helping out), Me Getting Married On High School, Ang Hirap Maging Babae: Facials and Waxing, isip pa kong iba. Heehee. 🙂