See, I know that we have to “magnilay” and all this Holy Week. Or you know, like do the Bisita Iglesia like most Filipinos would do or go to Antipolo (seriously, that song “Tayo Na Sa Antipolo” kept popping in my head while typing this) or go to pabasa and prusisyons (that I would do tomorrow with my mom and aunt).

But I’m not most people. Now, don’t think of me as Atheist or something, because I know that He, the Higher Power, and I understood each other. at least to me, that’s what I want to believe. I think it’s better than say, go to Bisita Iglesia and complete those number of churches to pray or go to Antipolo but not really mean it. Some people are doing it just for the sake of doing it, they’re with their boyfriends and girlfriends or friends or they do it to look for girlfriends, boyfriends or new friends.

Okay, totally being a pessimist here and sounding a little bit guilty for not being the typical religious Pinoy.

Here’s what’s keeping me company this week:


my trusty laptop and mom’s (surprisingly okay connection) Globe broadband stick, Ricky Lee’s Amapola I’ve had for ages and his Trip to Quiapo I recently bought (yesterday, I think), my iPod, mom’s iPad and Cat’s iTouch when the kids are using the iPad (not in the picture) and Macky’s DVD’s I borrowed.