I remember that in one of my subjects, RTV (Radio and Television) Productions, our professor asked us to pick a band/singer either local or abroad that we’d like to promote a concert here in the country. It’s like one of those radio commercials you hear promoting a band that’s going to play here.

Being the alternative rock band lover that I am, I picked Vertical Horizon, one of the bands that I like.

Now, every student must pick their songs, edit them in not more than 15 seconds, play them while reading this script our professor wrote promoting the band playing on Araneta Coliseum a la radio jocks. I remember how my prof told me that I’ve got good voice quality, I know right. lol. That’s one of our exercises, becoming a DJ, quite hard if you’d ask me. Especially since she’s there while you’re controlling all these buttons and all! That was quite an experience!

Flash forward to three years after I graduated. Was watching ETC when this ad said that Vertical Horizon, is, actually coming here! Woah! Premonition much?!

Not only that they’ll be playing here LIVE, Ed Kowalczyk of the defunct band Live, is also going to be here playing with them!

And I want to be one of the people to see it live. I love this band! Sino gusto sumama saken listen to some actually good music? Enough of those K-Pop, Biebs and our own singers who just keep on making versions of old music. Original Pilipino Music? Yeah, right!

So come on, samahan niyo ko and witness these guys  (Vertical Horizon) who made songs that we all love which include Best I Ever Had, You’re A God, I’m Still Here, Send It Up, Forever, Heart In Hand and Everything You Want. And of course, that Selling the Drama Live’s song that I truly lurve.

Ngayon pa lang, I’m thanking Ovation Productions na! Hope I can get free tix! Hahaha. #ambisyosamuch


Here are the deets!

Vertical Horizon and Live’s Ed Kowalczyk Live in Manila on April 28, 2012, 8pm at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Vertical Horizon Live in Cebu on April 29, 2012, 8pm at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu for more info please call 5328883

Ticket Prices:
(Manila Concert)
VIP(103&101 ROWS A-J) (Reserved Seating) – P4755
PATRON (Reserved Seating) – P4225
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) – P3700
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) – P2640

Tickets available at ticketnet.com.ph or call 9115555

Brought to you by Ovation Productions


Sorry. Can’t help to share my own story first. lol. 😛

See you there! #