Waw. Puro fill in the blanks simula ng mga title ko ngayon. We all know this “You Are A Nineties Kid” post that has been circulating the internets for quite some time now. Admit it, if you really are a nineties kid, you started to reminisce, laugh and even add some experiences that kids of today won’t get, like if you have a pen and a cassette tape, what will you do with the pen, right?

I had a funny Nineties Kid experience a few days back that I remembered as I was bloghopping at this hour (Sinusulit at pinipilit iistretch ang bakasyon dahil may staff meeting na bukas, huhu). 

Woke up one morning craving for a chocolate drink so I went out to buy at our suking tindahan.

Me: Ate, pabili po ng Chocolait. Magkano yung maliit?

Ate: Ano yun?

Me: Uhm, uhm Chocolait, yung ano… (at this point, I am actually thinking of what does my niece, Peyu, calles it now)

Ate: Chuckie ba yun?

Me: Oo ate yun nga!

Then she gave me my Chocolait.

Gaaaahd. That experience made me feel old. And I’m just 23 for goodness’ sake. Haha. Old girl who still enjoys  her Chocolait. lol. It’s actually either that or Zest-O’s Choc-O. Yum! Do you agree with me though that the old Chocolait tastes better than Moo or Chuckie?

‘Bout you? Do you have any fuck-I’m-old realizations?



Was looking for a classic photo of Magnolia Chocolait during my preschool years. Yung may cow pa. Google is not being friendly with me this time. Lemme know if you found one!