old Titanic poster 

I remember it quite vividly. My favorite aunt in the world, Tita Ann, brought me along with her to watch Titanic in the big screen at this cheap movie theatre in Recto (Ever Recto) but don’t worry, I don’t think there were any bugs or AIDS-injecting people there, haha! We were seated a few rows from the back-most part of the theatre where I witnessed one of the walang kamatayang love story ever made for the first time.

I remember I got so frightened watching the sinking ship, the people sliding from the ship, the “music men” who kept playing their violins and cellos knowing that they are all going to die, and the old couple and mother with her kids who chose to die at their bunk beds. I remember putting my little hands over my eyes so I wouldn’t see the people’s suffering. But you know what, it was a damn good story, one of the best stories ever told.

Flashforward to fifteen years later. Titanic in 3D daaaaw! I then remembered my 9 year old self who got so frightened and cried over Rose and Jack’s love story. Would I watch Titanic again? Wasn’t really hyped about it at first, but my curiosity got the best of me so I watched it with Follow That Star girls last night. 

My thoughts:

1. Amazing ang depth ng 3D movies, as always. Medyo nakakahilo, but nahihilo naman talaga ko before pa magstart ang pelikula.

2. I thought Rose’s boobies will perk up in 3D, but they’re still sagging. lol

3. Jack Dawson, handsome in 3D. 🙂

4. That big scene where the ship will set sail and Rose got out of the car, kakilabot.

5. The climax? Didn’t feel the 3D effect as much as I hoped it would especially with the waters coming in, the people sliding and jumping off ship, and the ship itself. Disappointing.


Here’s a photo of us at last night’s movie date,

complete with the 3D glasses (para alam niyong in 3D kase) Ano barrr.

I just wonder why I didn’t feel the goosebumps everyone is talking about. Cynic much? Or probably too stressed out with work matters that even bothered me that night! 

End question though would have to be, would I watch Titanic again in cinema and pay Php300? Yep. Sure would. I owed it to my 9-year old self, to watch the whole climax unfold in the big screen without me covering my eyes again. Just gotta love the movie.

Titanic IS Titanic.


Enough said.