I didn’t know how it happened. I remembered doing my work that fine Tuesday afternoon, the next thing I knew, I wake up all tied up like this.

So I screamed for…

Afterwards, these people came and then the unbelievable happened!

Hulk came to save me with Iron man and Kapitana Amerikana!

Kapitana Amerikana came too! Sooo maarte I tell you!

Thank you Iron Man, for killing the goons! So sorry to forgot to take your photos while fighting crime! lol

I’m glad you got angry just in time, Hulk! Thank you! Thank you again Avengers! ‘Til next time!


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Are you messing with me? You want me to turn into a green monster?! 😛


Char! The truth is, the Avengers saved my ass. With the cosplayers’ amazing work, we won’t be able to achieve this. Just glad. They did save my episode, so same same. 🙂