I was, I think chatting or texting with Ate Cheng the other night when she told me that “…sure akong hindi ako tinext. Nagtext pa ko before ako matulog. Ang sipag-sipag ko kaya magtext, kaya pwede na ko mag-boyfriend” or something to that effect which made me think of some reasons why I maybe a boy.

I hate texting.

Most guys I know hate texting, I do, too; which makes me think twice again why am I working as a program researcher. See, it entails lots of coordinating that is either done thru texts or calls, mostly texts, since you don’t really want to call those big-named managers right away like say, Annabelle Rama, right? I remember the first time Tita Annabelle first called me; my heart was jumping out of my chest like crazy! Hahaha!

As for the texting part, I’m just suuuper lazy most of the time to do it. I sometimes, err, most of the time forget to text my mom where the hell I am at 3 in the morning when I’m not in my bed yet. Lol.

I don’t know why guys, with penises, of course, hate it. Me? Just suuper lazy, or if you’d want the sugar-coated answer, I want it better when I converse with the person face to face, so I can see his reaction with the words that will spew out of my mouth, whether it be good, or bad. 🙂 But this one still is true.

I hate too much drama.

Sure, every once in a while you indulge yourself, cry your heart out, break a few things you’d regret breaking after or break somebody else’s if you want, but please, spare me the dramatics. I hate dealing with people who have lots of excess baggage, ambigat teh, kelangan pati ako buhatin din yan?

I remember having a classmate who was so full of drama I hate having her around. I just feel so lonely and my usually high or mean spirits dwindle whenever we’re together and I end up being a bitch about it. So please, I’m saying it again, spare me the drama. I can only handle so much.

Ang Tunay Na Lalake Hindi Nagpapayong.

I think I’ve read from that famous TNL blog that ang tunay na lalake ay hindi nagpapayong. I don’t know why they say it, are umbrellas supposed to be gay? What if they’re using that gi-normous umbrella instead of the girly three folds? Is it still gay?

I too, hate umbrellas, well at least using them, that’s what I meant. I’d rather get a bit wet or I’ll let the rain stop first than use my pink umbrella. Well that’s because I hate it getting wet and having to let it stay open til it dries. I remember my seatmate, Joseph, who found it amusing when I asked him for some tissue. He thought I was going to use it to dry myself, but I used it to dry my wet umbrella. That weirdness stuck with him and he retells the story if there is a chance to do so. Lol

I’m starting to love guy flicks. To death.

For some reason, I lurve watching guys punching each other. I also love Prison Break, Death Note and Grimm; American series that are for guys. I don’t know, it maybe because guy flicks are more of a thinker than silly romcom craps that the industry feed to happily-ever-after-believing girls in all forms and ages. I mean, it’s like telling the Disney fairytales over and over in a whole different way. Give us something new, something to think about, something that could wow us! I recently watched Fight Club, and boy, was Brad Pitt, err, the storyline so delish. Or it may also be because of the yummy actors why I love guy flicks more, which then makes me a certified GIRL.

Now, am I a boy or a girl?

Well, I think I can be a guy’s best bud, the maarte, gay, bro, if you’d like to call it that. Because, hey! I’m still a girl, and even if I want to sound all tough and shit like that, I still like tutus, makeup and chivalry, for goodness’ sakes! So please guys, offer the ladies seats and don’t pretend you’re sleeping. I’d prolly take a few shots of guys who do this in the MRT one of these days. Go find yourself humiliated in my accounts. Lol.